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Handling chargebacks

A chargeback is a reversal of payment issued by the bank or credit card company when a customer disputes a charge through their bank or credit card issuer (and not through Amazon Pay). A chargeback can occur when a customer has not received the items they purchased, has been charged multiple times for a single purchase, or is dissatisfied with the purchase and has not been able to resolve the matter with the merchant.

A customer who cannot resolve their issue with the merchant typically contacts their bank or credit card issuer to request a chargeback. The bank or credit card issuer then notifies the credit card association, which in turn notifies Amazon Pay.


Amazon Pay chargeback claims overview length: 2:39


Represent your case for a Chargeback claim length: 3:15

Chargeback details

Amazon Pay chargeback notification emails give you details about each chargeback with the following information:

  • Seller order ID
  • Order reference ID
  • Transaction date
  • Disputed amount
  • Card type
  • Dispute type
  • Dispute reason code

Chargeback Instant Payment Notification messages include key elements of the above.

Note the dispute type, which tells you that the chargeback is one of the following:

  • Unauthorized transaction chargeback is the result of an unauthorized charge and potentially eligible for the Amazon Pay Purchase Protection Policy, as described in the Customer Agreement.
  • A service chargeback is filed by a customer, which means that you need to note the card type and dispute reason code so that you can determine which types of information to submit if you dispute the claim.

Find explanations for the major credit card issuers’ dispute reason codes in the Cardholder Dispute Reason Code Encyclopedia

Disputing a chargeback claim

When Amazon Pay receives a chargeback claim, we email information to you about the chargeback, including the order number and the amount of the chargeback claim. You have the option of accepting the chargeback, or of requesting assistance from Amazon Pay in disputing the chargeback claim.

If you choose to dispute a chargeback, we assess a Disputed Chargeback fee of $20.00 and require you to provide us with information that we need to dispute the claim. When we have received the information from you, we work with the bank or credit card company to resolve the chargeback.

If you choose not to dispute the chargeback, the dispute is automatically granted to the customer, and Amazon Pay deducts the disputed amount from your account.

For detailed information about responding to a chargeback claim, see the Chargeback FAQ.

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