Add Amazon Pay to your BigCommerce store and let hundreds of millions of Amazon customers shop on your website.

Fast and easy setup

1. Login to your BigCommerce store

  • Go to Store Setup > Payments
  • Scroll to Amazon Pay and click "Set Up"
  • Click "Connect with Amazon Pay"

2. Log in to Amazon Seller Central

  • Click "Copy your keys"
  • Confirm that all details are correct
  • Click "Transfer credentials to BigCommerce"

One button, so many opportunities

Checkout optimisation

Optimize your checkout

Offer Amazon customers the ability to buy without creating a new account or entering credit card information.
Increasing conversions

Increase conversions

Adding Amazon Pay as a checkout option can increase conversions and lower cart abandonment1.
Innovative checkout

Tap into innovation

Take advantage of Amazon’s years of
ecommerce and checkout optimisation innovation to help fuel growth.

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Marketing guidelines

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