Amazon Pay offers PrestaShop merchants a personalized checkout experience tailored to their business needs. Build customer loyalty by offering a flexible and seamless checkout experience that Amazon shoppers already use and trust.

Already an Amazon Pay merchant?
How Amazon Pay helps PrestaShop merchants optimize checkout
Customize your checkout experience
Give shoppers a fast and easy way to check out using the payment method and address stored in their Amazon account. Create a frictionless checkout experience that converts more customers.
Give shoppers more flexibility
Offer greater convenience and flexibility with alternative payment methods to shoppers with Amazon Store Card and Prime Store Card, Amazon Visa and Prime Visa cards and Citi Flex Pay, without additional fees or tech lift. With Amazon Pay, you can opt in to add Affirm* as a payment option.
Protect your business
Amazon continues to innovate, offering its customers the same advanced technology that powers By enabling Amazon Pay, PrestaShop merchants can focus on growing their business.
Get paid faster
Express Payout is available to eligible businesses using Amazon Pay and allows you to receive payouts within 24 hours, including weekends and holidays, at no additional cost.
How to install Amazon Pay in PrestaShop
Amazon Pay for Prestashop is an easy-to-install and powerful payment solution. Follow these three steps with no coding required.
  1. Sign up for Amazon Pay
  2. Click “Module”, and then click “Module Manager” (for PrestaShop 1.6., click “Modules and Services”, and then click “Payment”)
  3. Search for Amazon Pay, click “Enable”, and then “Configure”
Amazon Pay for PrestaShop explained

Does Amazon Pay for PrestaShop have any prerequisites?

Yes. Use Shop version 1.6 or higher, and the recommended PHP version 7.1 or higher (minimum PHP 5.5). Read more prerequisites

How do I configure Amazon Pay with my PrestaShop store?

Sign up with Amazon Pay, then sign-in in the Authentication tab. Enter your privacy policy URL and click “Transfer access keys”. Choose “Region” and click “Save”. Choose “Yes” to “Show the Amazon Pay Button as a payment method.” Learn more about configuration and troubleshooting

Is Amazon Pay with Affirm automatically included when I enable Amazon Pay?

No. Amazon Pay with Affirm is opt-in only through seller central. Affirm requires a separate Terms of Service and rate agreement to be enabled.

Am I eligible for Affirm? How do I add it to my PrestaShop store?

All PrestaShop merchants are eligible. If you have customized your checkout using the Checkout SDK, please make sure you are on the latest version. See step by step instructions here.

Do any Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) include additional fees?

Eligible merchants automatically receive auto-enabled APMs at no additional cost or technical lift. Amazon Pay with Affirm is also available as an opt-in payment method via Seller Central, with its own additional rates.

When do I get paid?

Eligible businesses using Amazon Pay can receive payouts faster and during expanded hours, with Express Payout. Just log in to Seller Central to opt in to Express Payout, and start receiving payouts within 24 hours.

*Payment options through Affirm are subject to an eligibility check, may not be available everywhere, and are provided by these lending partners: