Stanley is hotter — and cooler — than ever

The iconic drinkware brand has been perfecting vacuum-insulated bottles for more than a century. Now there’s a waiting list.

Over the course of his lifetime, inventor William Stanley, Jr. received more than 100 patents for his work, which included instrumental advancements in the field of electrical engineering. Though he created the first practical alternating current transformer, allowing for the distribution of electrical power over wide areas, it was an entirely different invention that made Stanley an enduring household name.

Created in 1913, the world’s first all-steel vacuum-insulated bottle revolutionized the way people consumed beverages. And for more than a century, the company Stanley founded has been perfecting the practically indestructible portable vessel that keeps our precious liquids hot and cold.

Whether you’re on a campsite or worksite, hiking a mountain or driving in a car, there’s one name people have trusted for generations to carry their water — or morning coffee — on adventures big and small. As the company says, Stanley’s durable products are “Built for Life.”

Constructed to stand the test of time and backed by a lifetime guarantee, they’re the kind of bottles that actually get passed down through families. The classic, original Hammertone Green bottle has earned its place as an American icon. And the beautifully designed products in Stanley’s contemporary line promise to look just as cool and timeless when your grandkids inherit them.

Over the years, the stories about Stanley’s resiliency have become legend, with bottles surviving drops from World War II planes, free falls down mine shafts and mountains, and meetings with wayward 40-ton big rigs.

A vessel for responsibility

Stanley retains its reputation for quality and toughness to this day, but the company has also evolved with the times. The brand has long been a pioneer in sustainability and social responsibility, working with partner factories to reduce energy and water consumption, curb greenhouse gas emissions, and increase worker safety. Across the supply chain, Stanley is committed to sustainability, from manufacturing and recycled materials to packaging. Stanley prioritizes recycled and upcycled materials in its products and is eliminating the need for single-use disposables and increasing recycled content materials every year.

“The most sustainable products are the kinds that never need to be thrown away or replaced,” the company says. And by building products meant to last forever — and be reused every single day — Stanley reduces demand for disposable products that end up in landfills or water streams.

More popular than ever

The public appetite for environmentally friendly daily use containers has never been higher, and Stanley is now one of the fastest-growing brands in the U.S. outdoor industry, with direct-to-consumer sales up almost 350% globally in 2021.

Demand for Stanley products is up across the board, not only for its deep selection of insulated drinkware, but for its complete line of rugged outdoor food storage and gear, including coolers and jugs, food jars, and camp cookware. Rigorously tested and retested, each Stanley product release must meet the highest standards for quality, reliability, and durability. They are, after all, guaranteed for life.

With thicker, stronger steel and better thermal performance than any other bottle on the market, Stanley’s Master series delivers sleek, minimalist design with serious benefits. Their ultra-lightweight, ultra-tough Titanium series is perfect for active outdoor lifestyles.

For more hydration on the go, Stanley’s colorful, leakproof IceFlow Flip Straw Tumblers come with a built-in flip straw for easy sipping and a folding handle for easy grabbing. They’re also made in part from recycled plastics sourced from discarded fishing nets.

Stanley has the leisure-seekers covered, too. With a froth-friendly wide mouth and built-in bottle opener, the Classic Stay Chill Beer Pint lets you enjoy your favorite pour of frosty right down to the last sip, though it’s also perfect for soda and iced coffee. And the Classic Easy Fill Wide Mouth Flask offers a clean, crisp update on a timeless libation container, with a slim silhouette and retro-chic look.

Built for the great outdoors

Often sold out, Stanley’s 40 oz Adventure Quencher Travel Tumbler continues to be a runaway hit, with a waiting list that reached as high as 150K eager consumers. It keeps beverages cold for 11 hours, has a great handle, and fits in most car cup holders.

It’s part of Stanley’s immensely popular and expansive Adventure series, which includes products like the leakproof Easy Carry Lunch Cooler, designed to keep meals for two cold for up to 27 hours, whether you’re dining alfresco in the park, at a concert, or on a mountain pass. And when you’re packing lunch for one, the Adventure Heritage Cooler + Bottle Set is an unbeatable combo that comes with a cooler designed to keep multiple courses organized and a Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle that locks in place with the cooler’s handle.

For day trips and hiking treks, the generously sized Adventure Stainless Steel All-in-One Food Jar will keep your soup hot or your quinoa salad chilled. It comes with its own spork, and there’s even a hidden compartment to keep your gorp fresh. On a campsite, you can cook practically anything with the nine-piece Adventure All-in-One Fry Pan Set, which includes a cutting board, plates, and a collapsible spatula.

For tailgates, the Adventure Stay Hot Camp Crock will keep your chili piping hot all day. And it pairs perfectly with the 2-gallon Adventure Fast Flow Water Jug, which can keep iced drinks cold for up to two days, whether you’re trying to stay hydrated in the woods or at a little league game.

For great tips and creative ideas about how to use its products, check out Stanley’s informative how-to guides and recipes. And when you’re done browsing, be sure to check out with Amazon Pay for a fast and hassle-free shopping experience that lets you keep things cool by skipping the payment and address forms.