Amazon Pay with Affirm
Amazon Pay with Affirm gives your customers more spending power and allows shoppers to make budget-friendly purchases with personalized pay-over-time installment plans.
Amazon Pay with Affirm
Pay over time

Flexible payments for your shoppers

It’s the same Amazon Pay experience that your shoppers love and trust — combined with the payment flexibility customers are coming to expect. Our seamless integration with Affirm adds the option to pay-over-time directly to the Amazon Pay button within your shop, giving your customers the ability to pay in installments with no hidden fees or surprises.
Amazon Pay with Affirm

Powerful payments for your business

Affirm provides affordable pay-over-time plans that let your customers break up the total cost of their purchase into smaller monthly installments. Payment plans are tailored to each purchase, with terms proven to boost conversion.
Trust and flexibility

Your checkout, powered by Amazon

Amazon Pay with Affirm
Complete transparency
We never hit customers with late or hidden fees. Affirm’s flexible payment plans and transparent terms can boost customer satisfaction to keep them coming back for more.
Amazon Pay with Affirm
The power to say yes
Amazon Pay with Affirm removes price as a barrier, giving your customers a convenient way to say yes to the things they love—without giving up financial peace of mind.
Affirm onboarding
FAQ / Walkthrough

Which integrations currently support Affirm?

At this time Amazon Pay with Affirm is supported for merchants on the latest version of our checkout product (Amazon Pay Checkout V2). To ensure you and your customers receive the maximum benefits of Amazon Pay with Affirm, we recommend updating your integration to pass the Estimated Order Total (EOT) parameter. For more information, checkout our Installment Payment Methods integration topic. Amazon Pay with Affirm is only available for purchases made using a one-time payment (no subscription or recurring payments) and purchases with physical goods.

    I’m on a supported integration, but don’t see the Affirm option, what should I do?

    If you are on the latest Amazon Pay checkout version (Cv2) but do not see Amazon Pay with Affirm after updating, please contact Merchant Support.

    How do I know if Amazon Pay with Affirm is live on my website?

    There are two ways to check whether Amazon Pay with Affirm is live on your website. The first is to simulate an order placement in production. You can do this by selecting the Amazon Pay button on your cart page and going through the checkout flow. If Affirm is live, you will see an Affirm specific banner on the payment selection page after authenticating with Amazon Pay. You can also check whether Affirm is enabled in Seller Central.

    *Payment options through Affirm are subject to an eligibility check, may not be available everywhere, and are provided by these lending partners: