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Affirm Onboarding FAQ/Walkthrough

How do I activate Amazon Pay with Affirm?

If you have not yet activated Amazon Pay, start here.

You can sign up for Amazon Pay with Affirm directly within Seller Central, and enable it for your online store as soon as the next day. Before you get started, confirm that your US-based online store is on the latest version of an eligible eCommerce Solution Provider (see below for eligibility requirements), and you have the latest version of Amazon Pay’s checkout solution. Amazon Pay with Affirm is also available for merchants who have an updated custom integration.

From there, log in to Seller Central and follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you navigate to Amazon Pay (Production View) 
  2. Go to the Gear Wheel in the upper right and select Account Info
  3. Under the Customer Payment Methods section, select Manage additional payment methods
  4. Find Affirm and select Get started
  5. Ensure you meet all eligibility requirements fill out the necessary fields.
  6. Select Continue to pricing
  7. On the following page you will be offered to see how the customer will see Affirm during checkout and the price per transaction. If you agree, select Confirm.
  8. Confirm your business details are correct and review Affirm’s Merchant Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Select Submit when ready.

Once complete, you will begin to see Amazon Pay with Affirm as an option within Amazon Pay on your online store for eligible orders over $50. Note: It may take up to 24 hours for Affirm to be live on your online store.

I don’t see the Affirm option in my Seller Central account

At this time Amazon Pay with Affirm is supported via a custom integration or with a supported eCommerce Solution Provider. Merchants leveraging a custom integration will need to be using the latest version of our checkout product (Amazon Pay Checkout V2) and will need to integrate our Estimated Order Total feature. For more information, checkout our Installment Payment Methods integration topic.

eCommerce Solution Providers supporting Affirm:

  • Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento 2) with Amazon Pay plugin version 5.14.0. You can see your plugin version by navigating to the Advanced section of your Amazon Pay plugin settings in your Magento admin.
  • BigCommerce - All BigCommerce merchants are eligible. If you have customized your checkout using the CheckoutSDK, please make sure you are on the latest version.
  • PrestaShop - Merchants using the Amazon Pay (Checkout v2) plugin version 4.1.4 and later. To determine your plugin version, navigate to the Module Manager in your PrestaShop admin.
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud (DemandWare) with Amazon Pay cartridge v22.3.1+
  • WooCommerce with the Amazon Pay plugin version 2.3.0 or higher. You can find your plugin version by navigating to the Plugins section of your Wordpress admin.

If you are on an unsupported eCommerce Solution Provider, you will be notified once Amazon Pay with Affirm is available for your online store.

I’m on supported integration, but don’t see the Affirm option, what should I do?

If you are on a supported version of the eCommerce Solution Provider and Amazon Pay but do not see Amazon Pay with Affirm after updating, please contact Merchant Support.

How do I know if Amazon Pay with Affirm is live on my website?

You can test the Amazon Pay with Affirm integration in your sandbox checkout environment. You will see the Amazon Pay button render with Affirm specific microtext. After clicking the Amazon Pay button, you will see Amazon Pay with Affirm as an option in the Amazon Pay wallet.