Buyer experience

To make a purchase using Amazon Pay, customers need to log in with their Amazon account. They can do this from two places:

  1. Cart sign in widget
    On the cart page, there is an Amazon Pay button next to the regular checkout button:
    customer flow cart sign in
  2. Checkout sign in widget
    On the regular checkout page, there is a banner asking customers if they want to use Amazon Pay:
    customer flow checkout sign in

Signing in

When either button is clicked, it triggers a sign-in window to appear. The sign-in window looks like the screenshot below:

customer flow signing in

After signing in, the customer is redirected to a special simplified version of the checkout, which shows the Amazon widgets.

The Amazon checkout page

When the customer reaches the checkout page, the regular billing and shipping forms are missing. This is normal; the regular forms are instead replaced with Amazon widgets:

customer flow amazon checkout

Customers choose their desired shipping address and payment method, and this refreshes the WooCommerce order totals as normal. At that point, the customers can click the place order button. This creates an order in the WooCommerce system for you to process.