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Frequently asked questions

What are the fees for Amazon Pay?

For pricing details, see Amazon Pay Fees.

Where can I find information about payments that are processed by Amazon Pay?

You can confirm payments that you have captured in your account balance in Seller Central. Be sure to select the Amazon Pay (Production View) from the Marketplace Switcher drop-down box at the top of the screen.

Your account balance is shown on the right. You can get more details, including the summary of payments that will be settled to your account, by clicking Reports > Payments under Statement View.

Additional information such as the buyer's name, order ID, and payment status is available by selecting Orders > Manage Transactions in your Seller Central account.

Is there a limit on how much I can charge a customer?

Amazon Pay limits the total amount of recurring payments that you can collect from each customer per calendar month, based on the nature of your business. In most cases the monthly limit is $500. Contact our support team if you have questions about your limit, or to request approval for a higher limit.

Why do I see a “We’re Sorry” error in a popup when trying to use Amazon Pay on my site?

Click the Show Details link to see technical details for the issue. Often, you will see the following:

Error Summary
400 Bad Request
The domain on which you are using the JavaScript SDK has not been whitelisted for your application.

This occurs when your Login with Amazon configuration is incorrect for your FoxyCart domain.

To remedy this error, follow the steps in the "Whitelist Your FoxyCart Domain" section of the Installation and configuration topic. Verify that the value under Allowed JavaScript Origins matches the secure URL for the page on which the Amazon Pay button appears.

For example, if the Amazon Pay button was clicked from a webpage with a URL of, the value for Allowed JavaScript Origins should be