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Order management

When an order comes in via Amazon Pay, it will be on hold. If you view or edit the order, you will notice a new meta box in your orders screen:

admin flow amazon payments advanced

This widget will let you perform the following actions:

  • Authorize — Authorize a payment, but do not capture yet. Amazon recommends that you authorize payment only when you have verified the order and have begun processing it.
  • Authorize and Capture — Capture the full order total amount.
  • Capture — Capture an authorized payment. Amazon recommends that you capture payment only when you have fulfilled the order.
  • Close authorization — This lets you close an authorization and release the funds without capturing them.
  • Refund — If you have captured a payment, and if it is still open, you can refund X amount.

After each action, an order note is created, noting down the status.

To view your Amazon Pay merchant account balance, sign in to Seller Central: