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Checkout by Amazon FAQ

Checkout by Amazon has been discontinued

Announcement: Checkout by Amazon (CBA) was discontinued effective April 1, 2017. To learn about migrating from Checkout by Amazon to Amazon Pay, read our FAQ.

What can I sell with Checkout by Amazon?

Checkout by Amazon can be used to sell physical goods and digital goods. Please review the Acceptable Use Policy for a list of prohibited items.

Are customers required to have an Amazon account to buy items using Checkout by Amazon?

Yes. Checkout by Amazon uses information that customers have stored in their accounts. We provide a way for customers to create an account during checkout if they do not already have one.

Can I still offer my current checkout method?

Yes. You can add Checkout by Amazon as an additional checkout method on your shopping cart page (and on your product detail pages, if you choose).

What forms of payment does Checkout by Amazon accept?

The following payment methods are accepted by Checkout by Amazon: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB, and Diner's Club credit cards. All credit cards used for payment must have a U.S. billing address.

Where can customers view their Checkout by Amazon orders?

Customers can see the status of their Checkout by Amazon orders on the Amazon Pay website.

Can customers see their Checkout by Amazon orders from the site?

No. Customers view all of their Checkout by Amazon purchases on the Amazon Pay website.

How do I integrate with Checkout by Amazon?

Since launching Checkout by Amazon, our payment solutions have evolved to better integrate with merchant sites and to provide a more streamlined customer experience. These improvements are part of our new product: Amazon Pay. While we will continue to support Checkout by Amazon, we are no longer accepting new Checkout by Amazon registrations.

We recommend that you learn more about Amazon Pay and see if it’s the right payment solution for your business.

You can see a list of eCommerce solution providers that support Amazon Pay at If you are using an eCommerce provider that does not yet support Amazon Pay, we recommend that you contact your provider via email or social media to let them know you are interested.

If you are not using an eCommerce platform, you can find out more about integrating with Amazon Pay at