Fixing a broken Amazon Pay checkout flow in Magento

If your Magento installation uses version or if you've installed the security patch release from Magento, follow these steps for applying the fix, making sure to try it first on your staging server before applying it to your production site.

Note: This fix does not apply to Magento 2 installations.

  1. Make a backup of your staging and production sites.
  2. Connect to your Magento server via SSH.

  3. cd <to Amazon Pay plugin>
    cd app/code/community/Amazon/Payments/Model/
    mv Customer.php Customer.php.bak
  4. On the admin page for your Magento instance, click System, and then click Cache Management.
  5. On the Cache Storage Management page, click Flush Magento Cache.
  6. Test out the buyer flow and confirm that the cart persists.
  7. Place an order with Amazon Pay and confirm that the order and its details come in to your Order page as expected.
  8. If you see any issues, do this:
    1. Remove the Customer.php file with this command:
      rm Customer.php
    2. Rename Customer.php.bak to Customer.php with this command:
      mv Customer.php.bak Customer.php
  9. Confirm that your site is functioning as normal.
  10. If everything works as expected, apply this fix on your production server by repeating the steps above.

If you run into problems, Contact us via your Seller Central account and choose Technical troubleshooting.