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Amazon Pay for LemonStand

To start offering Amazon Pay as a checkout method on your LemonStand store, follow these steps:

1. Set up an Amazon Pay account

To register for an Amazon Pay account, click the link below, and step through the registration process.

After you have completed registration, return to this page to complete the Amazon Pay for LemonStand setup steps.

Register for an Amazon Pay account (Will open in a new tab)

2. Complete the Amazon Tax Interview

Prior to transacting with your account, you must sign in to your Seller Central account, and complete the Amazon Tax Interview. You can do so by entering the requested information on the Tax Interview pages on Seller Central.

3. Set up your Login with Amazon application

In order to use Amazon Pay, you will need to set up a Login with Amazon application so that users can use their credentials to log in on your website. Complete the following steps to ensure your Login with Amazon application is properly set up.

  1. Sign in to your merchant account on Seller Central, and then in the Marketplace switcher drop-down list (near the upper right corner of the page), select Login with Amazon.
  2. In the top right corner, click Register New Application.
  3. For the Name and Description fields, enter the public name of your store that your customers know your site by.
  4. For the Privacy Notice URL, enter the URL where a user can find your Privacy Policy.
  5. Upload an optional logo to be displayed on the Login with Amazon page when customers sign in.
  6. Click Save.
  7. After saving, click the Web Settings section to expand it, and then click Edit.
  8. Enter your store's domain(s) including the https:// in the Allowed JavaScript Origins field. For example, for, you would enter
  9. Click Save.

4. Copy keys from your Amazon Pay account into your LemonStand Payment Configuration Page

All of the keys needed to connect your LemonStand store to your Amazon Pay account can be located on the MWS Access Key page in Seller Central.

5. Continue LemonStand Payment Method Setup

You're now ready to continue following the LemonStand documentation for further information on the various configuration options for your Amazon Pay checkout method, available here:

LemonStand Documentation for Amazon Pay

Further Assistance

If you have any questions regarding the Amazon Pay registration steps above, please reach out to our Merchant Support team and we will be happy to help: Contact Amazon Pay Merchant Support.