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Using Seller Central with Amazon Pay

Seller Central is a portal with tools that help Amazon Pay merchants manage their accounts.

Seller Central details

Here is a breakdown of the functions assigned to each menu for Amazon Pay merchants.
Note: If you have registered for other Amazon Services like Selling on Amazon or Fulfillment by Amazon, you might see more links and menus in Seller Central for these services.

Tab name Features Use
Marketplace Switcher Various Amazon services The Marketplace Switcher is a drop-down list located at the top middle of your screen, to the right of your business name. You can use it to access different services within Seller Central, like "Amazon Pay (Sandbox View)" or "Login with Amazon." If you use other services, like Selling on Amazon, they will also appear in the list.
Orders Manage Transactions View a list of all payments approved by buyers on your website using Amazon Pay. Learn more
Integration Integration Central Get the integration guides and API credentials needed to complete your Amazon Pay integration
Test Accounts Create test accounts that contain various payment instruments and shipping addresses to test your integration in "Amazon Pay Sandbox View"
Reports Payments View payment details of your account, including dates and amount of your disbursements, and commission and fee breakdowns for your orders
Tax Documents View form 1099-K for your account on this page (Note: only applies if your account had at least $20,000 in un-adjusted gross sales and 200 or more transactions in a calendar year)
Payments Advanced Transactions Download reports on the payment processing requests submitted to Amazon Pay, including dates, amounts and status of your requests
Performance Customer Metrics Monitor how you are doing with respect to customer satisfaction
A-to-z Guarantee Claims Manage A-to-z Guarantee Claims your customers may file on their orders with you
Chargeback Claims Manage chargeback claims your customers might file on their orders with you
Performance Notifications View any performance notifications related to your account that Amazon may send you
Settings Account Info Enter your business information, such as your legal name, business and return addresses, and bank account and credit card information
Notification Preferences Designate the email address at which you want to receive business, claims, and technical notifications.
Tip: If you would like multiple persons to receive the emails, we recommend setting up a distribution list in your email client (for example, “”). Enter the distribution list email address in the Notification Preferences field, and then add the appropriate people to the distribution list in your email client.
Login Settings Manage the email address and password you use to access your account, and provide security questions to help you reset your password if you forget your login information
User Permissions Configure the permissions of your current users and invite new users to access your account
Integration Settings View your Merchant ID, and manage your Instant Notification settings and Pop-up Banner Window image