Add Amazon Pay to your website and let hundreds of millions of Amazon customers shop on your website.

Getting started
Fast and easy setup
Log in to Zuora
Log in to your Zuora account and go to Settings > Payments >Setup Payment Gateway.
Configure Amazon Pay Gateway
Select Amazon Pay from the Gateway Type dropdown list and create the gateway.
Add Amazon Pay button
Add the Amazon Pay button to your website where buyers begin the checkout process.
Create Amazon Pay payment method
Create an Amazon Pay payment method for your customer via Zuora APIs.
Let Zuora do the rest
Once you’ve completed the first few steps, Zuora will take care of managing the subscriptions.
Go live
Let millions of Amazon customers purchase subscriptions on your site.
One button, so many opportunities
Optimize your checkout
Offer Amazon customers the ability to buy without creating a new account or entering credit card information.
Increase conversions
Adding Amazon Pay as a checkout option can increase conversions and lower cart abandonment1.
Tap into innovation
Take advantage of Amazon’s years of ecommerce and checkout optimisation innovation to help fuel growth.
Helpful links
Get detailed steps to install and configure Amazon Pay for Zuora.
Explore our support page for a complete library of the most commonly asked questions.
Watch our collection of 5-minute tutorials on the fundamentals of managing your Amazon Pay merchant account.
Featured content
Amazon Pay for businesses explained

What is Amazon Pay?

Amazon Pay enables you to offer Amazon customers an easy, secure, and fast way to check out on your site using the shipping and payment information stored in their Amazon account. Beyond the button, Amazon Pay is the place where shoppers manage their payment methods on Amazon.com.

Which commerce/shopping cart providers integrate with Amazon Pay?

Amazon Pay supports a Global Partner Program which includes many of the top solution providers, consulting agencies, and professional developers who work with brands to build and grow their commerce businesses. Click here for an overview of our Global Partner Program members.

How do I get started with Amazon Pay?

To enable Amazon Pay on your site, start by clicking the Business Registration button at the top of the page, and then fill in the required fields. For an overview of what to expect from the registration process, watch this short video.

I am already a seller on Amazon, what do I need to do to add Amazon Pay to my ecommerce site?

Great! All you have to do is click the Business Registration button at the top of the page, and then use your existing Seller Central account email and password when prompted. For an overview of what to expect from the registration process, watch this short video.

What is the disbursement time?

We process disbursements daily. It will take between 3-5 business days for the payment to be completed and appear in your bank account. A reserve might be applied according to our reserve policy.

Does Amazon Pay have customer fraud checks in place?

To help reduce bad debt and lower your costs, Amazon Pay employs the fraud technology that backs Amazon.com, including fraud detection capabilities, charge-back controls, and risk management processes at no extra cost. For more information, see the Amazon Pay A-to-z Guarantee Policy for Merchants.

I see Amazon Pay also appearing in the Your Payments section of my personal Amazon account. Is this connected to the checkout button I offer Amazon customers on my business website?

Yes. As an Amazon account holder, you can check out on sites other than Amazon.com using the payment information stored in your Amazon account. The place where you manage those payment methods in your Amazon account is also Amazon Pay. As a merchant, Amazon Pay is the way to offer Amazon shoppers a fast and familiar way to check out on your site.

Can shoppers use Amazon.com Gift Cards when they check out with Amazon Pay on my site?

Today Amazon.com Gift Cards cannot be used as a payment method to place an order using Amazon Pay. Amazon.com Gift Cards can only be used to purchase eligible goods and services on Amazon.com and certain related sites as provided in the Amazon.com Gift Card Terms and Conditions.

My company already uses Amazon Pay on our website. Do I need to become a seller on the Amazon market place?

No you do not need to sell on Amazon.com to continue offering Amazon Pay on your site. Your existing contract and agreements remain the same.

Do you support all types of businesses and merchandise?

Amazon and Amazon Pay have a number of policies in place to protect both our merchants and shoppers. Click here to view our Acceptable Use Policy.

What’s the fee to use Amazon Pay?

Amazon Pay fees are transaction-based and have a processing and authorization component. The transaction fee is composed of a domestic processing fee and an authorization fee, plus tax where applicable. These fees are only charged once the purchase is successfully authorized and processed. Click here to learn more.

My customer support center is receiving calls about Amazon Pay appearing in the wallet on Amazon.com.

First confirm that the inquiry is about payments on a third party merchant website that offers Amazon Pay, and not a question related to purchasing on Amazon.com. Once confirmed, please direct these buyers to Amazon Buyer Support: https://pay.amazon.com/contact

Is there a check list of what I need to complete the registration process to use Amazon Pay on my website?

Yes. You should have the following ready to start the registration: 1) Credit card issued by US based bank, 2) Checking account & routing number issued by US based bank, 3) business tax payer ID, EIN or Social Security number, 4) U.S. based phone number and 5) US business address.

Will my credit card be charged?

The credit card on file is charged only if your refunds and claims exceed your daily transactions which results in a negative balance.

How quickly can the Amazon Pay button appear on my website after the registration?

Based on different services that you may be using and your technical set up, the integration can take as little as 15 minutes. Please check the Integration Guide for the set up relevant for you.

Does my business qualify for Amazon Pay?

For business entities authorized to do business and having a physical presence in the United States, registration for Amazon Pay requires a US based phone number, credit card issued by a US based bank, checking account with a US based bank and your business taxpayer ID, EIN, or personal social security number. For non-US businesses, visit the Amazon Pay help page and select your country or region’s flag on the top right.

What is Buy with Prime?

Buy with Prime is a new benefit for Prime members that will let merchants offer the convenience and speedy shipping of Amazon Prime on their own direct-to-consumer sites. Prime members will be able to shop directly from your online store and use the Buy with Prime button to get the same Prime benefits they enjoy on Amazon.com — fast, free delivery, a seamless checkout experience, and free returns on eligible orders.

How does Buy with Prime work?

Currently, Buy with Prime is limited to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) merchants. FBA sellers already have their inventory stored in Amazon fulfillment centers, making it easy to implement this new benefit. Your customers will experience the same trust and familiarity they associate with Amazon while shopping on your site, and you don’t have to do anything but sign up.

Link to your Amazon Pay account to offer a seamless checkout experience for Prime members. Plus, you can use Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) to streamline your fulfillment process and offer one pool of inventory for multiple channels. Buy with Prime also gives you all the necessary shopper information, including email addresses for customer orders. This means you can provide customer service and build direct relationships with your shoppers.

I am already an FBA merchant. How do I get Buy with Prime?

As a Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) merchant, you can add Buy with Prime to your online store within minutes. To get started with Buy with Prime, sign up by entering your business details, then link your Amazon Pay and Seller Central accounts to Buy with Prime. From there, you can import your product catalog and select products to offer with Prime. Finally, copy and paste a JavaScript widget to your online store. Currently, Buy with Prime is invite-only. Join the interest list now, and when you’re approved, you can start using Buy with Prime immediately.

How much does Buy with Prime cost?

With Buy with Prime, you only pay for what you use, and all fees (except those incurred for storage) are charged only after you make a sale. You pay a service fee and payment processing fee, and fulfillment and storage fees are calculated per unit. The cost of returns is included in the fulfillment fee. After that, you’re free to scale back, scale up, or cancel anytime with no fixed subscription fee or long-term contract required.

Where can I get more information?

Visit Buy with Prime and join the interest list here.