Discover 10 great ways to drive traffic to your company’s website

Our new Paytalks Business Growth Series outlines the most effective ways to attract online shoppers.

A Hubspot study1 released earlier this year indicates that 65% of businesses consider driving traffic to their site and lead generation as their company’s biggest ongoing challenges. As the Internet continues to evolve radically, and with so much more of the world interacting online, web business owners need to stay well ahead of the curve when it comes to tracing trends and gathering data. It is much easier to attract people to your online store when you know what your customer base is looking for and where they go to look for it.

Pinpointing reliable methods for getting exposure for your site is difficult, but there are plenty of exciting options to try. These include taking advantage of increased consumer search traffic for fast answers about products, making the most of rising social networks and influencers, and much more.

In our Paytalks Business Growth Series webinar, Amazon Pay will break down the most effective ways to lead customers to your online store and grow your online business in just 20 minutes. In the webinar, you’ll find tips on how to:

  • Drive awareness and visibility for your brand through search
  • Tap into existing customer bases
  • Stay creative with your social media strategy
  • Turn your customer base into a community willing to spread the word

Head over to the Paytalks page to register for the webinar and stick around to check out past Paytalks you may have missed via our free on-demand library.