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Currently, you’re required to register for a new Amazon Payments merchant account in order to use Amazon Pay and Login with Amazon, even if you already have another Amazon seller account.

Important: you cannot use an existing Selling on Amazon account when setting up an Amazon Payments merchant account. The email address associated with your new Amazon Payments merchant account must differ from the email address you use for any other Amazon account. Finally, please ensure that you have logged out of all Amazon accounts before beginning the Amazon Pay registration process.


  • As you move through the registration pages, you will be asked questions that identify you and your company. Please be careful to enter information so that it exactly matches the information shown in your official evidence documents. In particular, ensure that all names of persons are entered as they appear on your identification documents, and that you accept and acknowledge all agreements and documents presented to you. The information on these registration pages will be checked by us, and incorrect or deviating information can lead to delays.
  • If you have questions about the information that you are asked to enter on any of the pages in this registration process, you can find small question mark icons next to many of the input fields. Point to the question mark, and a brief explanation of the information required will appear.

Registration process

  1. To begin the registration process, go to the Amazon Pay website. Important: Please ensure that you have logged out of all existing Amazon accounts before proceeding with the Amazon Pay registration process.
  2. The registration process begins with a short questionnaire. Enter information as requested, and then click the Start registration button. Note: You can skip the questionnaire if you would prefer to start the registration immediately. The direct Sign up now button is displayed on the right-hand side of the browser.
  3. On the Welcome to Amazon Pay page, enter your email address, select the Create a new account option, and then click Continue. Note: You must use an email address that is not currently being used for another Amazon seller account (for example, a Selling on Amazon account), or buyer account. We may need to contact you via email to verify your account, so it is important to use an email address that you check regularly.
  4. On the Create a new account page, enter your name and email address, and create a password for the account. Then click Continue.
  5. When asked to choose your Country of Residence/Establishment, select the country where your company is incorporated. When you have read through the terms and conditions, agree to them by clicking Continue.
  6. When asked to provide Options for Customer Service address information, enter details about how your customers can contact you. Please keep in mind that your customers will see the content that you enter here in contact forms, in confirmation emails that they receive from Amazon Pay, and on the order details page in their account on the Amazon Pay site.
  7. On the Provide charge information page, you will be asked to enter details for a credit card that can be used by Amazon Pay to cover any fees that may be owed. Amazon Pay will disburse amounts collected from your customers to your bank account at fixed intervals. Transaction fees are deducted directly from these amounts. A negative balance can occur if refunds to your customers have a total value greater than the pending payments to you. If a negative balance occurs, Amazon Pay must collect money from you, and the credit card is required for such cases. Please note that the credit card that you enter must be yours; the name associated with the credit card account must match the name associated with your Amazon Payments merchant account.
  8. When you have completed entering all of the information about yourself and your company, the registration process is validated, and you will see a summary page that indicates successful completion. Click Save and continue.
  9. The final step in this portion of the registration process configures your Login with Amazon application. Enter the following information:
    1. Business name—Enter the company name that your customers will see when they sign in on your website or mobile app (for example,
    2. Business description—Re-enter your Business name.
    3. Privacy Policy URL—Enter the webpage address of your company’s privacy policy.
    4. URL of pages where button appears—Enter the webpage addresses of all pages on which the Login with Amazon button will appear, using the format You must use the HTTPS protocol.

If you require assistance at any time during the registration process, the Amazon Pay merchant support team is ready to help. Please contact us with your questions.

Continue to Verify and activate your account on Seller Central (this is required in order for you to be able to place an Amazon Pay button on your website, and accept live transactions).