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Reserve Policy

What Is a Reserve?

Amazon Payments may require that you maintain a minimum balance in your account to secure the performance of your payment obligations. We call this minimum balance a Reserve.

Why Does Amazon Payments Need a Reserve?

Amazon Payments requires a Reserve to manage transactions that are disputed by customers, including claims under the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee. Customers can buy with confidence using Amazon Payments because the A-to-z Guarantee ensures their purchases. Reviews of A-to-z Guarantee claims, customer complaints, returns, and chargebacks can take 90 days or more. Rather than hold funds pending claim resolutions, we ensure a positive and reliable shopping experience by reserving against total sales in your account.

How Does Amazon Payments Calculate the Reserve Amount?

For new Business and Seller Accounts, the applicable reserve amount is either the merchant's Order Defect Rate multiplied by their trailing 30 days of sales or the total amount of unresolved disputes, whichever is higher.

The Order Defect Rate is defined as the number of orders with a defect divided by the number of orders in the time period under review. This defect rate is represented as a percentage. An order has a defect if we have received an A-to-z Guarantee claim or a service credit card chargeback on that order. An order can only be “defective” once. Having a chargeback and an A-to-z Guarantee claim on the same order will only count as a single defect.

The table below provides an example of the application of our reserve policy for a merchant with an Order Defect Rate of 0%, in order to illustrate how the applicable reserved amount may affect disbursements over time:

Table 1.


Account Balance

Disburseable Balance

Customer places an order on Aug 1



You ship the item on Aug 3



(Assuming no other unresolved disputes)

On Aug 10



Claim submitted on Aug 16 against a previous order for £10



(Assuming unresolved dispute for £10)

Note: Changing your Bank Account information will start an automatic 14-day hold on disbursements.