Checkout by Amazon is now discontinued

Important message: Checkout by Amazon is now discontinued, as of August 16, 2016. To continue using Amazon Payments, you will need to switch to Amazon Pay. You can register for Amazon Pay using a new email address here.

If you have further questions, please visit our FAQ.

Getting Paid

Funds are deposited into your Amazon payment account after you confirm the shipment of an order and will be automatically disbursed to your bank account on the next scheduled disbursement date. Your settlement reports will still be generated using the same times and intervals as they are today.

Generally, Amazon Payments first settles your account 14 days after the first business days on which the corresponding transactions were completed.

For a settlement to take place, you must:

  • Have a positive or zero account balance. Fees and customer refunds, if any, can affect your balance.
  • Have entered valid information in Seller Central for your UK-based bank current account. For more information, please see Adding & Managing a Bank Account.

It usually takes 3-5 working days from the time we settle your account and initiate an ACH transfer before the funds arrive in your account.

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