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Editing credit cards

You can edit your credit card information at any time.

Edit your credit card information

  1. On the site, sign in to your account.
  2. Click the Your Account drop-down list, and select Your Account.
  3. In the Payment & GC section, click Manage Your Payment Methods under Payment Methods. For the cards listed, you can change any of the following:
    • Expiration date
    • Cardholder name
    • Invoice address
  4. Click Confirm to confirm the changes.
  5. To edit other information about the card (for example, if the card number changes), delete the credit card, and then add it again using the correct information.

The changes you make on automatically apply to Amazon Pay. Also, if your card issuer participates in Account Updater and provides expiration date updates directly to, other than the exception below, those updates will apply to Amazon Pay. Learn more about Account Updater.

Note: If your card is used for automatic payments (for example, a subscription), Account Updater changes will not apply to the automatic payments. You will need to follow the steps above to provide updated information.