Casper boosts conversions with Amazon Pay Express Checkout

“A lot of people do not want to type their credit card number into a website that they’re not as familiar with. By providing Amazon Pay, which is offered by a company that they do trust, we can bridge this gap for people who aren’t as familiar with Casper.”

- Keith Mancuso, Senior Manager of Digital Product at Casper

bartaco integrated Amazon Pay with OneDine — an all-in-one checkout solution that combines tap-scan QR codes on tables and receipts with existing tech stacks.

Atlas for Men uses Checkout Version 2.0 to optimize the online retail experience for shoppers, who can check out using their Amazon accounts securely and directly from the website.

What merchants are saying
    We understand the importance of providing our customers with a seamless and convenient checkout experience. By offering Amazon Pay, we’re able to leverage a trusted and widely adopted payment method that our customers are already familiar with, streamlining the process and ensuring a consistent and elevated experience across all touchpoints.
    - Alexa Gulian Azarian, Director, E-Commerce & Digital at Oscar de la Renta
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    Amazon Pay gives confidence to the shoppers that we reach in international markets, who might not know
    José María Bayona, marketing, communications, and digital channel coordinator,
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    The process is very smooth, especially on the Express Checkout flow and especially for existing Amazon customers. This translates to a higher conversion rate as well. For customers using Amazon Pay Express Checkout, we have seen conversion rates rise to 4.5% on the product page and as high as 7.2% on the mini-cart and basket — much higher than our overall average website conversion rate, which is 1.4%.
    - George de Heer, Head of Omnichannel and Development at The Range

Merchant stories

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