GreenIce boosts average order value by 2–3% with Amazon Pay integration

GreenIce, a Spanish LED lighting company, streamlines European expansion and helps boost customer trust by integrating Amazon Pay — leading to higher sales.

Growth is the objective of every business, and companies are continually seeking ways to innovate and expand. The European market in particular offers both challenges and opportunities for growth, as each country presents a different consumer culture and regulatory environment. For a merchant looking to scale, adopting a trusted payment solution can be the gateway to not only overcoming these barriers but also enhancing customer confidence and loyalty across borders.

Originating in Spain, GreenIce has expanded to sell LED lighting products to businesses and consumers across all of Europe. By integrating Amazon Pay into their mix of checkout options, the company can offer extra confidence to their customers in addition to streamlined and secure transactions.

Lighting the way from Spain into the rest of Europe

Founded in 2012, GreenIce offers a wide range of LED lighting products, from outdoor floodlights to LED panels and smart lights. Compared with traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, LED lights last longer, use less energy, and lack hazardous substances like mercury. With these kinds of benefits at the core of its products, the company has experienced significant growth over the 12 years they’ve been in business.

“We began as an ecommerce company and have grown to become a business-to-business warehouse of lighting products,” says Alex Boxall, CEO and Founder of GreenIce. “We have about 100,000 customers in Spain and about 30,000 business-to-business customers across Europe. We process about 500 orders per day.”

Expansion into new territories has been a part of GreenIce’s business plan since their inception. One of their key goals was to establish a presence in every country in Europe. When Amazon Pay came to Spain, GreenIce saw an opportunity to enhance their reputation in new markets and therefore streamline this expansion.

“We were one of the first merchants in Spain to have Amazon Pay as a checkout option,” says Boxall. “Having Amazon Pay helped us a great deal as we began to expand across Europe. It is not easy for a German customer to buy from a Spanish company when they have multiple local shops to choose from. By offering Amazon Pay, we give our customers more confidence and trust in GreenIce as a seller.”

Boosting average order values by 2%–3% globally with Amazon Pay integration

GreenIce quickly integrated Amazon Pay into their website as one of three main payment options. After initially implementing Checkout v1 in 2017, they later upgraded to Checkout v2 once it became available. As of 2024, the company offers Amazon Pay across the European Union and the United Kingdom, with a significant presence in Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden.

“When a shopper adds a product to the cart, it shows a small Amazon Pay widget,” says Boxall. “If they have added their desired products and have everything that they need, they can click on the widget and start the payment process. It’s quite fast.”

The company reports that the initial implementation process was fast and efficient, and subsequent upgrades over the past seven years have been just as smooth. Customers were quick to adopt the new payment option, and GreenIce hasn’t received any complaints since the integration.

“Having our brand next to Amazon, which was experiencing rapid growth in Spain, had a significant impact,” says Boxall. “Almost everyone in the country had an Amazon account, which made it easier for them to adopt Amazon Pay. In 2017, it wasn’t as common for us to have our addresses stored in the browser as it is today. You had to manually type your address in every ecommerce site, but with Amazon Pay, you no longer needed to.”

GreenIce has seen higher average order value (AOV) for transactions processed using Amazon Pay, suggesting that customers tend to spend more when using this convenient payment method. Globally, the company has seen their AOV increase by 2%–3% overall, with boosts as high as 5% in select markets.

The AOV is also higher in markets outside of Spain, demonstrating the success of the company’s European expansion. Additionally, Amazon Pay’s cart share has risen to as high as 12% in certain markets. And with a fraud rate near zero, Amazon Pay provides added security and peace of mind for GreenIce and their customers.

Building specialized websites for business accounts and individual consumers

Now that GreenIce has established a strong presence in markets throughout Europe, they plan to take their growth a step further. “We’re in the process of dividing our website into two separate entities,” says Boxall. “Currently, we operate under, but we’re transitioning to for our private customers and for our professionals and trade accounts. Both of these websites will remain with Amazon Pay.”

With Amazon Pay, GreenIce built trust and confidence with customers, streamlining the merchant’s expansion into new markets. This expansion led to higher AOVs, greater cart share rates, and more customer confidence, solidifying their position as a reliable and secure choice for consumers across Europe. With this growth now realized, they will continue to prioritize the integration of Amazon Pay with their future expansion initiatives.

“We want to continue to promote the use of Amazon Pay among our customers,” says Boxall. “The growth of GreenIce is accompanied by an increase in the use of Amazon Pay compared to other payment methods.”

Analysis for GreenIce compares average order value (AOV) between customers who used Amazon Pay and those using other payment methods in the EU over a seven-year period, from 2017 to 2024.