reifen.com raises average order value by adopting Amazon Pay with Checkout v2

Since adopting Checkout v2, reifen.com has seen a lift in Amazon Pay usage, higher order values, and fewer returns — enhancing convenience and customer satisfaction.

For companies that conduct business online, accepting multiple forms of payment is more important now than ever before. Given the diverse array of payment preferences and methods in existence, what feels easy to one shopper might seem nearly impossible to another. For merchants to attract and convert as many customers as possible, then, they must be flexible with payment methods and offer a variety of convenient options to their shoppers.

Recognizing the importance of this adaptability, reifen.com took their payment options to the next level by adopting Amazon Pay with Checkout v2 into their primary checkout process. With millions of people already using Amazon, the company’s integration of Amazon Pay has helped make it easier for their shoppers to purchase tires, wheels, and other products using payment information securely stored in their Amazon accounts.

Expanding payment horizons for reifen.com shoppers

reifen.com is a major retailer of tires and wheels for personal cars, motorcycles, bicycles, off-road and transport vehicles, and more. They operate both online and through physical stores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, and Luxembourg, and they oversee 37 company-owned branches and more than 3,750 installation partners. Strongly committed to shopper convenience, reifen.com hosts a multipayment solution on their website to cater to diverse payment preferences.

“We consider a wide range of payment options to be very important, as this helps us provide the best possible experience to each shopper,” says Philipp Klusmeier, head of ecommerce at reifen.com. “We have been working with Amazon Pay since 2019. Until our relaunch in September 2023, however, we had only used Amazon Pay Express Payment.”

While working on their website relaunch, reifen.com saw an opportunity to improve the checkout experience by offering a wider variety of payment options. The merchant chose to expand their use of Amazon Pay and adopted Checkout v2, a next-generation web checkout solution that streamlines the customer experience and simplifies Amazon Pay integration for businesses. With it, the merchant was able to add the Amazon Pay button on their payment page along with the existing Express Payment option.

Checkout v2 also allowed reifen.com to add a “buy online, pay in store” option, also known as BOPIS. This gave customers the ability to shop online with reifen.com and then pick up their products they purchased at a partner garage nearby.

“Our main goal was to offer Amazon Pay not only as an express payment method but also as a payment method in the regular checkout,” says Klusmeier. “We also wanted to increase the percentage of Amazon Pay in our payment mix.”

Streamlining the payment process with Checkout v2

reifen.com’s adoption of Checkout v2 marked a significant enhancement of their online transaction processes. The solution comes with an optimized backend for simpler integration with minimal coding. As a result, reifen.com was able to implement Checkout v2 without the complexity and workload that can typically come with integrating new payment options.

Now shoppers can use Amazon Pay for all their transactions on reifen.com’s website, streamlining the checkout experience. Checkout v2 simplifies this process by combining the address, payment, and confirmation steps in a single screen. This not only speeds up the purchasing process, but it also maintains the trusted Amazon shopping experience on reifen.com’s site.

“With Amazon Pay and Checkout v2, the payment process is simpler for shoppers, and the Amazon brand promotes a high level of trust,” says Klusmeier. “I would always advise other merchants to include Amazon Pay in their payment mix.”

For reifen.com, Checkout v2 has improved transaction efficiency, helping shoppers make online payments in a fast and secure manner. Customers appreciate the multicurrency capabilities of Amazon Pay, which facilitates international purchases. They also enjoy greater flexibility with a wider range of payment options, including BOPIS, Express Checkout, and the additional payment button for one-time transactions. Furthermore, customers’ high level of trust in the Amazon brand has contributed to greater acceptance of the Amazon Pay method for making purchases.

“By switching to Checkout v2 and fully integrating Amazon Pay into the checkout experience, we have been able to increase the share of shoppers using Amazon Pay from 3% to 6%,” says Klusmeier. “And that’s only in the first 1.5 months.”

In addition, with the full integration of Amazon Pay, reifen.com has increased their average order value, experienced a reduction in returns and refunds, and spent less time on fraud detection. As a result, reifen.com can focus more on the other elements of their business that help improve the shopper experience.

Enhancing the shopper experience with choice and convenience

As reifen.com looks ahead to the 2024 fiscal year, they remain committed to optimizing their use of Amazon Pay and measuring the success of the solution among shoppers. This integration has both streamlined the payment process and strengthened shoppers’ trust in reifen.com’s online experience. The merchant is now better positioned to serve a larger shopper base while maintaining high standards of satisfaction and convenience.

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