Amazon Pay offers merchants a new experience with Checkout v2

Learn about the next-generation web checkout technology that helps improve the customer experience.

Amazon Pay, the digital payment service that lets customers use the information they’ve stored in their Amazon account to shop on third-party sites, has now introduced Checkout v2. The next-generation web checkout technology provides an even faster and more secure, seamless checkout.

With Checkout v2, Amazon Pay has completely reimagined the design of the checkout process to streamline your customer experience and further simplify integration, helping your business take advantage of the benefits of an innovative payment solution.

What is Checkout v2

This next-generation web checkout solution has eliminated any extra or unnecessary code from its design, creating a seamless experience for both customers and businesses. It has an updated front-end design with a new hosted checkout flow that helps extend the trusted Amazon experience to your shoppers while they’re purchasing on your ecommerce site. It also has a redesigned back end, deploying a RESTful API to allow for greater interoperability between integrated systems and to provide developers with maximal flexibility.

How Checkout v2 can improve the customer experience

Friction in the checkout process is a primary reason that customers abandon their shopping carts, resulting in lost sales. According to the Baymard Institute, 18% of online shoppers abandon their purchases because they find the checkout process too long or complicated.

Checkout v2 reduces the number of steps a customer has to take to complete checkout by consolidating the address, payment, and confirmation steps all onto one modernized screen — replacing the existing Amazon payment and address widgets, and speeding up the purchasing process.

The smooth and standardized experience of Checkout v2 also helps increase buyer confidence through its trustworthiness. It retains the full integrity of Amazon Pay on browsers and devices that block third-party cookies and/or content, ensuring the customer experience goes uninterrupted. It also offers a uniform decline recovery process with Automatic Decline Handling, helping to increase customer confidence and reduce lost sales.

“We are thrilled about the 5% increase in sales conversions after migrating to Amazon Pay Checkout v2.”
– Houtan Fanisalek, Chief Technical Officer, Felix Gray

How Checkout v2 can simplify integration

Amazon Pay’s Checkout v2 simplifies front-end and back-end integration in several ways: It reduces the amount of front-end code that developers have to write, minimizes communication between front-end code and Amazon Pay JavaScript SDK, and simplifies API design, reducing the number of API objects and endpoints — all of which contribute to a significantly smoother integration.

How Checkout v2 can minimize maintenance costs

Checkout v2 requires fewer technical resources not only to implement the checkout process but also to maintain its integration. Because of its simple, durable integration — with minimal touch points — merchants can potentially minimize service outages and operational overhead.

The cutting-edge technology also enables businesses to easily adapt to changing industry standards, including the Payment Services Directive (PSD2) in the European Economic Area and United Kingdom and multi-factor authentication requirements — without any action on the part of the merchants. In fact, Checkout v2 supports Strong Customer Authentication, which is required under PSD2, and facilitates the payment-processing obligations of this new regulation.

Take advantage of ongoing UX innovation

With Amazon Pay Checkout v2, you can keep your checkout experience up to date, continuously incorporating UX improvements and enhancements, without requiring additional development resources from your team. Your developers can also specify which version of the Amazon Pay API they want to use so that they can control when they want to upgrade their integration to use the latest features.

And we’ll also help you tap into industry insights and ongoing UX innovation, based on learnings from Amazon.com and Amazon Pay, so that you can stay ahead of the competition while making it easier for hundreds of millions Amazon customers across the globe to shop at your online store.

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