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The Range boosts conversions with Amazon Pay Express Checkout

The Range is streamlining transactions across channels with Amazon Pay Express Checkout, increasing conversions and building customer trust.

Since their founding in 1989, The Range has evolved from a single brick-and-mortar store into a massive omnichannel retail operation. Known for their vast selection of home, garden, and leisure products — totaling over 60,000 SKUs — the merchant sells to shoppers in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and 25 countries in continental Europe.

To boost conversion rates, The Range wanted to streamline the shopping experience for a digital-savvy customer base. “Being able to check out without having to create an account with us would reduce friction for our customers,” says George de Heer, Head of Omnichannel and Development at The Range. “We want to make these options more readily available because the fewer clicks that are needed to place an order, the better.”

The Range addressed this goal by integrating Amazon Pay into four touchpoints of the customer journey: the product detail page, the mini-cart, the main shopping cart, and the final checkout process.

Strengthening customer confidence in checkout

As The Range grows, their audience continues to broaden and their sales channels are becoming much more diversified. “We stand out by selling must-have products that customers can’t easily find elsewhere,” says de Heer. “This value proposition, coupled with our strong presence on social media, has fostered customer loyalty, with trending items like wavy mirrors and strawberry vases selling out quickly due to their popularity online.”

To cater to a diverse pool of digital-oriented customers, The Range needed a payment solution that was not only secure but also virtually frictionless across channels. “Our goal is to offer shoppers enough choice and confidence to make that purchase, as we know that some customers may not be comfortable sharing their card details with us,” says de Heer.

Driven by the need to increase conversion rates and streamline online transactions, The Range chose to integrate Amazon Pay. By taking advantage of the familiarity and reliability of Amazon Pay, the merchant could offer a seamless checkout process while keeping customer data secure. And with millions of people already storing their payment information in an Amazon account, customers enjoyed a newfound ability to complete their purchases without the hassle of entering their payment details.

Streamlining payments across channels with Amazon Pay

In just three weeks of focused development, The Range successfully implemented Amazon Pay across their digital platforms, including the website, mobile site, and iOS app. Unlike other payment methods, which are available only at the final checkout stage, Amazon Pay was uniquely integrated into four critical touchpoints in the customer’s shopping journey. Shoppers can also access the Express Checkout flow on The Range’s web and mobile websites.

“On the product page, customers have the option to check out with Amazon Pay, which not only adds the selected item to their basket but also initiates a direct link for a swift checkout process,” says de Heer. “Similarly, the mini-cart offers a straightforward pathway for customers to either continue shopping, view their basket, or select Amazon Pay for payment.”

By embedding Amazon Pay across multiple shopping stages, The Range has enhanced the convenience and efficiency of the shopping experience. “The process is very smooth, especially on the Express Checkout flow and especially for existing Amazon customers,” says de Heer. “This translates to a higher conversion rate as well.” For customers using Amazon Pay Express Checkout, The Range has seen conversion rates rise to 4.5% on the product page and as high as 7.2% on the mini-cart and basket—much higher than their overall average website conversion rate, which is 1.4%.1

With Amazon Pay, The Range also benefits from enhanced data quality, as customer information is more accurately recorded at the point of purchase. This precision in data capture has drastically reduced issues such as misspelled names and incorrect postcodes, streamlining post-sale processes and minimizing fulfillment errors. The faster checkout speed has also improved customer satisfaction and created a more positive shopping experience.

Advancing checkout efficiency and customer engagement

Looking to the future, The Range has initiated several projects to further enhance web and mobile performance and streamline the checkout experience. For example, the merchant plans to support coupon codes to create more engaging marketing campaigns and incentives for shoppers. The Range will also integrate Express Checkout into their iOS and Android mobile apps, providing a consistent and streamlined payment experience across all digital channels.

“While we are still a bit early in our journey with Amazon Pay, we do expect it to grow and improve even further,” says de Heer. “There’s still a lot of work to be done on the site, which will undoubtedly redefine our customers’ shopping experience, making it smoother and more enjoyable.”

1 Customer conversion analysis for The Range comparing website conversion rates between customers who used Amazon Pay Express Checkouts and those using other payment methods in the UK over a 12-month period from March 2023 to March 2024

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