Make donations easier with voice.

Introducing Alexa Donations with Amazon Pay, a new way to donate through voice, making giving as easy as talking. Amazon Pay offers a seamless donation experience by using the information already stored in your donor's Amazon account. By making the donation experience secure and trustworthy, you are able to raise more, because your supporters can focus on moments of giving, one voice at a time. Learn more >

Acquire new donors and make donations simple with Alexa Donations and Amazon Pay

Make fundraising seamless through voice by offering an effortless experience for donors. 

Reach new audiences

  • Acquire new donors by tapping into the expanding Alexa user base
  • Tens of millions of customers own an Alexa today

Make donating easy

  • Donating is now as easy as talking, to help you raise more funds
  • We make it easy for donors to give when they want to

Simple Integration

  • No Alexa skill development or technical expertise required to set up and enable donations through voice
  • Just sign up with Amazon Pay to enable a new way of fundraising

Alexa Donations in action

See how Alexa Donations works powered by Amazon Pay



Favorable Pricing

2.2% + $0.30

(For domestic U.S. transactions.)

Domestic processing fee
Authorization fee
Cross-border processing fee
Disputed chargeback fee
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Fundraising options for your website

We have multiple options that you can use to enable Amazon Pay Donate buttons on your website, allowing your donors to quickly make donations to you.

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