Amazon Pay on Stripe

Introducing Amazon Pay on Stripe: unlock new possibilities for internet commerce

In the fast-paced world of ecommerce, providing a secure checkout experience is a must. Creating a frictionless experience with multiple payment options for customers further differentiates your business. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce Amazon Pay on Stripe.

Both Amazon Pay and Stripe were built for online businesses: Amazon for ecommerce and Stripe for financial infrastructure.

This new product launch represents a significant milestone, enabling businesses of all sizes to effortlessly accept Amazon Pay on Stripe and unlock a world of growth opportunities. Get ready to expand your reach to customers, increase conversions, and accept multiple payment methods for no additional transaction fees (beyond the typical card fees).

Amazon Pay is the latest in a series of products powered by Stripe under a strategic partnership with Amazon.

Amazon Pay: an overview

Amazon Pay has simplified the way customers make online payments by allowing customers to effortlessly utilize their Amazon account information to make purchases across a vast network of participating merchants beyond Amazon.com. With over 300 million active customers worldwide, Amazon Pay is a popular online payment method because of the convenience it offers customers. It eliminates the need to repeatedly enter personal payment details and shipping addresses during checkout.

According to the Baymard Institute, around 70%1 of online shopping carts are abandoned and 22%1 of customers abandon their carts due to a complicated checkout process. The streamlined experience from Amazon Pay improves conversion rates by 35%2 compared to native checkout, allowing businesses like yours to capitalize on impulse purchases and enhance overall sales. If customers are already signed into their Amazon accounts, they can experience one-step checkout for the ultimate speed and convenience when making purchases.

A lack of payment options is cited as one of the top reasons for cart abandonment among online shoppers worldwide. According to a study from Stripe, 85% said they would abandon their cart if their preferred payment method wasn’t available3. Amazon Pay has done the hard work to integrate with multiple partners so you can offer other payment options in addition to credit and debit cards. When you enable Amazon Pay on Stripe, other payment options such as Amazon Store Card and Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) with Affirm* are available without more technical work. By offering these additional payment options, you can make larger purchases more accessible and appeal to a broader and more diversified customer base.

Experience the power of Amazon Pay on Stripe

We’ve put in the foundational work so that you can get to market faster. There are no additional fees (beyond the typical card fees) for Amazon Pay transactions so you can save money and time to focus on delighting your customers.

Low levels of effort to enable Amazon Pay on Stripe

Whether you’re a startup or a large enterprise, you can easily incorporate Amazon Pay into your existing checkout flow today. The easiest way to enable Amazon Pay on Stripe is by using the optimized checkout suite. Businesses using Stripe’s pre-built payment UIs like Payment Element, Checkout, or Payment Links with dynamic payment methods can turn on Amazon Pay with no code in the Stripe Dashboard. Additionally, Amazon Pay is available through the Express Checkout Element, which allows users to display multiple one-click payment buttons with a single component.

This ease of functionality extends to businesses using Stripe Connect and payment UIs–you can distribute Amazon Pay for your businesses in bulk from the Stripe Dashboard.

Businesses on Stripe can also add Amazon Pay with a few lines of code if they prefer.

Please refer to Stripe docs for more detailed documentation.

Streamlining payment operations

Enabling Amazon Pay on Stripe not only benefits your customers but also simplifies your payment operations. Nearly 65% of businesses find payment reconciliation the most labor-intensive business process4. With Amazon Pay, you can combine your payment transactions and manage them directly from your Stripe Dashboard. This centralized approach allows for easier order management, reporting, and reconciliation, streamlining your overall payment operations. By improving efficiency, you can save time and resources.

Support and resources

To ensure a successful integration, Stripe offers support and a wealth of resources. From comprehensive documentation and developer guides to customer support, you can rely on Stripe for assistance. Additionally, Amazon Pay’s learning center and insights blogs provide valuable resources and best practices to help businesses optimize their checkout experience and drive growth.

Accelerating internet commerce

Launching Amazon Pay on Stripe marks a significant milestone in ecommerce payments. By combining the strengths of our platforms, businesses can now offer their customers a seamless, secure, and efficient checkout experience. From improved conversion to offering more payment options, and expanding customer reach, the benefits are evident. So, whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, it’s time to leverage the power of Amazon Pay on Stripe to grow your business.

Amazon Pay on Stripe is launching today in the US. Get started.

*Payment options through Affirm are subject to an eligibility check, may not be available everywhere, and are provided by these lending partners: affirm.com/lenders.

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