Amazon Pay offers Adobe Commerce merchants a trusted, secure and streamlined checkout process. Enable a seamless shopping experience for your customers, without leaving your site.

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How Amazon Pay helps Adobe Commerce merchants scale
Provide a more flexible checkout experience
Choose the right experience for your business. Offer flexible payment options for shoppers with Amazon Store Card and Prime Store Card, Amazon Visa and Prime Visa cards and Citi Flex Pay, without additional fees or tech lift. With Amazon Pay, you can opt in to add Affirm* as a payment option.
Optimize your customer journey
Active Amazon shoppers keep their payment methods and addresses updated, so expired cards and invalid shipment won’t disrupt the shopping experience.
Give your customers peace of mind
Increase customer confidence to complete the purchase in your online store with the Amazon Pay A-to-z Guarantee, which protects both the timely delivery and condition of their items.
Secure your customers transactions
Shoppers can pay with confidence knowing their transaction is protected by advanced encryption. The merchant only receives the information necessary to complete and support the transaction.
How to activate Amazon Pay on Adobe Commerce
Fast and easy setup. Follow these five steps to get started with Amazon Pay.
  1. Sign up with Amazon Pay
  2. Enable Amazon Pay on your site
  3. Go to “Integration channel” and select “Magento 2” (version 2.2.6 or higher)
  4. Go to “API Access” section to retrieve Store ID and Merchant ID
  5. Click “Create Keys” and then “Transfer access keys”
Amazon Pay for Adobe Commerce explained

How do I test Amazon Pay?

Select the Sandbox mode to test the Amazon Pay service without getting charged. Use Sandbox simulations to test your integration before going live. Learn more about testing

Where can I get more information about how to enable Amazon Pay?

Read this documentation to learn how to enable Amazon Pay on your Adobe Commerce site.

Is Amazon Pay with Affirm automatically included when I enable Amazon Pay?

No. Amazon Pay with Affirm is opt-in only through seller central. Affirm requires a separate Terms of Service and rate agreement to be enabled.

Do any Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) include additional fees?

Eligible merchants automatically receive auto-enabled APMs at no additional cost or technical lift. Amazon Pay with Affirm is also available as an opt-in payment method via Seller Central, with its own additional rates.

*Payment options through Affirm are subject to an eligibility check, may not be available everywhere, and are provided by these lending partners: