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Offer an exciting, new way to engage with customers that’s as easy as talking. Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills makes it convenient for shoppers to shop or donate by voice.
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Meet Alexa for voice commerce

Alexa is a cloud-based voice service that allows users to add products to a wish list, re-order items, check order status, and more - using just their voice.

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Get ahead of the voice commerce revolution and position yourself on the cutting edge with an Alexa skill.
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Build loyalty

Make it easy for Amazon shoppers to make simple purchases or re-order their favorite item. No need to grab a credit card or remember yet another username and password. They can just ask Alexa to make the purchase.
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Engage customers on a new channel

There are millions of Alexa powered devices around the world. Give Amazon customers a secure and innovative way to shop your site.

Offer a fast and familiar checkout solution on Alexa with a payment option that hundreds of millions of Amazon customers know and trust.

Merchant success

Atom Tickets launched an Amazon Alexa skill, allowing users to purchase movie tickets and reserve seats by voice. They also enabled loyalty programs to let their customers earn points while buying.

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Build your own Alexa Skill

First, register as an Amazon developer, then build your very own Alexa Skill using the Alexa Skills Kit, and integrate Amazon Pay to start accepting voice orders.

Webinar: Getting started with voice

Voice experts and business innovators will share how they are building Alexa skills for monetization with Amazon Pay.

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