Originally published 3/19/19

Shinola’s goal is to bring manufacturing jobs back to Detroit. To that end, the company set out to build craftsman watches and become the first great non-automotive brand in the motor city. 

Shinola converted 30,000 feet of raw space in downtown Detroit into a watch factory, partnering with a Swiss watch manufacturer to train its team. From there, it built a leather factory that produces most of its watch straps as well as bags and other leather goods. It also opened a workshop where it assembles bicycles by hand.1  

“When you have men and women here in Detroit who were delivering pizzas or working security jobs and were maybe unemployed and now they’re building world-class timepieces? That’s a pretty powerful example of a community coming together,” says Shinola CEO Tom Lewand.2 

Since its formation in 2011, Shinola has experienced explosive growth. To keep up, the company launched an online site using the Magento e-commerce platform and integrated Amazon Pay to give customers a smooth checkout process. “With Magento and Amazon Pay, we now have a powerful and flexible e-commerce solution coupled with a faster checkout experience,” says Dennis Kopitz, Director of E-commerce at Shinola. “It’s a winning combination.”

Amazon Pay is helping us expand our online business and capture more customers. It’s a critical piece of our online growth strategy.

- Dennis Kopitz, Director of E-commerce, Shinola

Many Shinola customers were shopping from mobile devices—but just for research and not to buy. By offering Amazon Pay, the goal was to encourage more purchases by allowing shoppers to quickly pay using the credit card and shipping information already stored in their Amazon accounts. 

Customers who use Amazon Pay have been able to cut three to four steps out of the payment process, resulting in increased mobile purchases and thousands of dollars in additional revenue for the company. Within a single year, the percentage of mobile shoppers grew from 37% to 44%. And in the first three months after Amazon Pay was added to the site, mobile conversions increased by 19%. “Right now nearly one in three payments is made with Amazon Pay, and we are excited about what that has done for our conversions,” says Kopitz. “It’s only going to continue to grow.”

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