Technical tips: 5 steps to an easier launch with Amazon Pay

Learn how to simplify the process of integrating Amazon Pay into your web store with a few tips compiled by one of our integrations specialists.

Launching a new technology or service for your customers is an exciting and critical part of your businesses growth. We recognize the time that goes along with validating a new solution. To reduce the effort as you are considering Amazon Pay, we’ve outlined five steps to help simplify the process of integrating Amazon Pay into your web store.

Step 1 - Review your setup

Prepare for questions about your business processes. To streamline the experience, there are a few questions you can prepare ahead of time about how your business handles things:

  • How is an order placed? How are you incorporating payment solutions into your checkout? For example, some merchants use both a cart page and checkout for payments.
  • How is an order fulfilled? Once an order has been placed, we’ll want to clarify when you are authorizing and capturing on the order.
  • What systems are used? Identify your front-end, back-end, order management system, or other relevant technologies you have in place so we can clarify the impact this will have on how your orders are fulfilled.
  • Do you process one-time or recurring payments or both? Discern what type of transactions you are handling, as well as whether you are already accepting recurring payments, or would like to start.
  • What are some of the channels where you actively process payments? For example, some merchants only use the web, while other businesses are enabling their customers to pay using just their voice.

Developer tips: Engage your developers when discussing business processes to ensure the proposed solutions address your requirements. If you are using an existing e-commerce provider, you may find some helpful integration tips here. If you are leveraging a custom shop, reference our SDKs (PHP, Python, C#, Java, Ruby). To save you time, we’ve provided detailed documentation to account for the breadth of different types of integrations available. If you are looking for ways to build your front end in a matter of minutes, utilize our front-end code generator.

Step 2 – Register with Amazon Pay

Sign-up for a sandbox account to review the solution. Start by signing up for an Amazon Pay account to learn about the integration. The account is free to use and a simple way to become familiar with the experience before you invest too much time or resources.

Step 3 - Help us help you

Reference Amazon Pay resources to save time.

  • Leverage Amazon best practices. We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t through years of integrating Amazon Pay with businesses around the world. By taking advantage of resources in the welcome kit you receive after you register, you may be able to identify common roadblocks you can avoid to save time. Sometimes the issue isn’t about our solution, or your systems, but about how they work together.
  • Consider your customer’s perspective. With years of e-commerce innovation in checkout optimization, we have documented areas to streamline your site experience. For example, if you use one-time or recurring payments, how do you handle declines? In other words, what happens with customers receive a decline at checkout? Do your systems enable you to handle declines? How is the customer experience impacted?

Step 4 - Test, Test, Test

Validate by testing to avoid problems later. Validate the Amazon Pay integration against your existing business process. You may use sandbox simulations for various test cases.

  • Start with unit tests. Start small with individual test cases. For example, a common test could be to place an order to confirm you receive the order.
  • Execute integration tests. Ensure the Amazon Pay integration maps to your current systems.
  • Initiate system and acceptance tests. Initiate a larger test to ensure all your systems are in sync. One way to do this would be to click on the Amazon Pay button, place an order, and ensure the order successfully reaches your order management system and you receive the signal to fulfill the order. You can validate your checkout experience in QA as a sanity check as it will ensure your systems successfully handle the order placement and fulfillment. You can also verify the refund process to ensure the messaging and refund process is streamlined.

Step 5 - Prepare for launch

Launch with Amazon Pay by verifying your settings and updating your endpoints.

Once you’ve worked through these steps, you are set to launch. If you have questions during the launch process and don’t know where start, check out our vast, knowledgeable FAQ site. Whether you are searching for the right documentation, or need more information on a particular step we’ve outlined above, most of your questions can be answered here.