As you read this, more than seven million people in the UK are living with the daily burden of heart and circulatory disease. Across the UK, around 420 people will die from these devastating conditions today alone – that’s one person every three minutes.i

Concerned about the number of people who die prematurely from heart and circulatory diseases, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) was founded in 1961 to fund research into the causes, diagnosis and treatment  of these conditions. Today, the charity continues to investigate all aspects of heart disease, stroke and vascular dementia and study their risk factors, like diabetes and high blood pressure that put millions of lives at risk.

The biggest independent funder of heart and circulatory research in the UK, the BHF aims to fund £100 million of new research each year.ii The charity has contributed to some of the biggest advances in heart and circulatory disease research—from clot-busting drugs for treating heart attacks to revolutions in pacemaker technology. 

The biggest independent funder of heart and circulatory research in the UK, the British Heart Foundation has contributed to some of the most important advances in heart research.

Today, the BHF funds more than half of all independent heart and circulatory research, with over 1,000 projects under way at any one time in universities and research centres across the UK.iii

The BHF’s research is powered by generous individuals and the charity receives no government funding for research. To that end, the charity recently added Alexa Donations as another way for donors to give. When donating using Alexa, supporters don’t need to enter their credit card and billing information. Instead, they simply ask Alexa to make a donation and Alexa takes care of it via Amazon Pay, using the information already stored in the donor’s Amazon account.  

Want to help beat heart and circulatory disease? Simply ask Alexa to “make a donation to the British Heart Foundation.

The number of UK deaths from heart and circulatory diseases has halved since the 1960siv. Yet they still kill one in four people in the UK. There’s more work to be done. With Alexa Donations, the BHF hopes to reach even more donors willing to contribute to the charity’s research. The ultimate goal? Beating heartbreak forever by creating a world free of heart and circulatory diseases. 

At Amazon, we’re committed to making giving as easy as talking, and we are already working with more than 180 nonprofits to offer Alexa Donations. To learn more about BHF, visit their website.

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