Curious how millennials spend their days? Wondering what’s really possible with Amazon Pay? Or maybe you’re just looking for a faster way to purchase items online without having to sign up for a new account or remember twenty different passwords.

Whatever the motivation, you’ve come to the right place. We’re following Madison, a fictitious millennial, through a regular Saturday as she finds the things she needs and loves, all while using her Amazon account.

About Madison the millennial[1]

Age: 30 (typically 24-39)
Preferences and habits: 

  • Favors experiences over material things.
  • Prioritizes digital-first when it comes to shopping
  • Stays connected through her phone.
  • Always engaged on social.
  • Keeps up with the news and her online community.

Madison’s day

8:00am – Rise and shine

Finally it’s the weekend! After a long work week, today should be fun, because I just got paid and can finally get a few new items that I’ve been wanting to buy.

8:05am – Daily care routine & Madison Reed order

As I’m washing my face, I look down and notice I’m out of hair color. I was planning to color my hair this weekend and forgot to order more. I jump over to to pick up more hair product, then on a whim, I decide it’s time for a new look. I spend a few minutes consulting with their online color advisor, then check out in a few seconds with Amazon Pay.

8:35am – Breakfast & reading the news from the Washington Post

I eat some breakfast as I check what’s trending on social, then open my Washington Post app for the  news. It’s the last day of my month-long trial, but I’m still deciding whether I want to go all in. So, I give their short-term subscription a whirl using Amazon Pay.

9:50am – New delivery notification from Alexa

After a somewhat lazy morning, I’m trying to decide whether to get off the couch when I see Alexa light up with a yellow ring. “Yes!” I think to myself. “A new package has arrived.” I mean, what’s better than getting physical packages in the mail… getting an alert so I know exactly when it arrives. I check the front door and it looks like my groceries for the week have arrived, along with a few items for my outdoor patio.

11:00am – Rationalizing new shoes from Rothy’s

I’m back on the couch, wishing every day was Saturday. As I’m thumbing through Instagram, I discover a new pair of flats from Rothy’s, made out of single use plastic bottles, thanks to one of my favorite girl bosses.  I love new shoes, but as I’m checking out with Amazon Pay I realize I want to think about it a little more, so I leave them in my cart for later.

11:45am – Shop from home day (, Lulus)

Today is starting to feel more and more like a home shopping spree day. So, I jump on to to see what they have. Time to shop for summer dresses. A friend told me about a new brand she loves called Lulus. I often start my shopping on, so I do a quick search there, then head over to Good news: they offer Amazon Pay on their website! I spontaneously find a dress that would be perfect for the rapidly approaching summer, and thankfully I don’t have to open a new account to buy it.

12:45pm – Daily workout

While I’ll enjoy a brisk barre workout during the week, on the weekends I’ve been trying out a new virtual yoga workout. At the end of the workout the instructor was talking about how she found her favorite yoga mat through a brand called Popflex active. I checked out their mats, and almost all over them were sold out. Grabbed what I think was one of the last mats with Amazon Pay.

2:00pm – Check my Amazon Pay orders

I head over to, click on ‘My orders’, then toggle over to Amazon Pay to double-check my orders from earlier in the week and track today’s purchases. Just a little piece of mind to make sure that the transactions went through and my sister’s birthday gift is being processed on time.

3:15pm – “Alexa, make a donation”

Today feels like it’s been all about me. I don’t mind treating myself now and then, but after getting paid yesterday and with the recent news, I’m feeling the need to give back. I’ve been really impressed with an organization called Feeding America so I say, “Alexa, make a donation to Feeding America.” Since my Amazon account is connected to Alexa, it’s just a few steps to confirm how much I want to give and voila, I’m already feeling good about balancing out my prior personal shopping.

5:30pm – New Rothy’s with Alexa

As I’m making dinner, I decide it’s time to pull the trigger on those shoes I put in my cart, if I want to have them in time for a date on Thursday night. I say, “Alexa, ask Rothy’s to buy some flats.” Just like with making a donation, it’s only a few steps to confirm that I want to purchase the shoes in my cart by using the payment information connected to my account. When that’s done, I do a little dance knowing I’m going to look good on date night.

5:45pm – Reorder while cooking

As I’m cooking, I realize that the flats I just bought would actually look great on my best friend as well. So I say, “Alexa, reorder my last order.” It’s nice ordering with Alexa using my Amazon account, because I don’t have to lift a finger—and my day just keeps getting more productive.

7:00pm – Binge with Hulu

After  all I finish cooking, it’s time to chill. Lately I’ve been on a Normal People/Saturday Night Live binge on my FireTV, switching between the two every couple of nights to keep things interesting. I’m getting tired of the ads during the episodes, so I upgrade my Hulu subscription using my Amazon account. Finally, ad-free TV again. This day keeps getter better.

As I wind down for the evening, I cycle through Instagram for inspiration on what to wear with my new shoes.

What a nice Saturday.

If you’re like Madison, or just to learn more, discover what’s Possible with Pay.


[1] Emarketer, U.S. Millennials 2020 Report.

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