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Bill Planner

There’s an easier way to check, compare, and pay your utility bills*—Bill Planner. Keep track of your bills with your Alexa-enabled device, and pay using the information stored in your Amazon account, made possible by Amazon Pay.
*Available in select cities/states only.

Three smart ways to pay

Where can I use Bill Planner?

With Alexa
Quickly and easily pay your utility bills with your voice, using the information stored securely in your Amazon account.
On the Amazon app
Receive notifications when a payment is due and pay through the app.
At checkout
Look for the Amazon Pay button on your biller's website to quickly pay your bill.


Paying your utility bills is easier than ever

One way to use Bill Planner

Plan. Compare. Pay.
All with your voice.

Bill due date notifications
Alexa will notify you if it looks like your payment might be late.
Bill details
View your upcoming bill and compare your current balance with previous bills.
Pay your bill
Quickly and easily pay your utility bills with your voice.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

How to set up Bill Planner with Alexa

A second way to use Bill Planner

Bill Pay on the Amazon App

You will never miss a bill with notifications and quick two-tap bill payment. Just go to your account and then tap on "Your Payments." It's that simple!
Visit your app store to learn more and download the app.

A third way to use Bill Planner

Quickly pay your bills with one account

Want to breeze through checkout? Look for the Amazon Pay button when paying on your utility provider’s website for a safe, secure, and fast checkout experience.

Find out if Bill Planner works for you

See which utility providers are already on Bill Planner

Available in select cities/states only.
Arizona Water Company
coachella valley

Have questions?

Bill Planner explained

When a yellow ring or an on-screen banner appears on your Alexa device, listen to the notifications by saying, “Alexa, read my notifications.” Notifications are meant to help you manage your bills. You’ll receive a due date notification only when the bill hasn’t been paid yet, not every time the bill is due.

You can turn bill notifications on or off anytime in the Alexa app by tapping on the menu icon in the upper left and going to Settings > Notifications > Bill Planner, and then switching Notifications to On or Off.

You can start using Bill Planner on the Amazon app by going to Your Account > Your Payments. There, you’ll see the option to connect with billers in your area (in select cities/states).

No, it’s only available on the Amazon app for now.

Connect your utility provider account with your Alexa account in just a few easy steps by visiting this page and searching for your provider. When you click on your provider, you’ll be prompted to link the two accounts. If you don’t see your provider on the list, then Bill Planner hasn’t been integrated into your provider’s systems yet. If that’s the case, please check back soon since we’re adding new providers on a regular basis.

You can connect Alexa to your electric, water, gas, and sewage accounts in a few easy steps. Simply connect your accounts using the information provided above (“How to set up Bill Planner with Alexa”) to get started. To see if Alexa works with your utility providers, go to the search page and type in the name of your provider.

If you can’t find your utility provider on the search page, then they haven’t integrated Bill Planner yet. Please check back as new utility providers are integrating Bill Planner on an on-going basis.

Just say, “Alexa, disconnect my electric bill.” If you unlink an account, Alexa will stop providing you with information about your bills and notifications about due dates and payments.