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“Amazon Pay has solved a really key hospitality moment that was not feeling right under our old system.”

- Scott Lawton, Founder and CEO of bartaco
“Amazon Pay gives confidence to the shoppers that we reach in international markets, who might not know”

- José María Bayona, marketing, communications, and digital channel coordinator,
“With Amazon Pay and Checkout v2, the payment process is simpler for shoppers, and the Amazon brand promotes a high level of trust. “I would always advise other merchants to include Amazon Pay in their payment mix.”

-Philipp Klusmeier, head of ecommerce,
“At first, we implemented Amazon Pay based primarily on the growth of Amazon’s reputation in France. Today, we see that the Amazon Pay option has completely revolutionized the way our customers make purchases.”

- Ludwig Dumortier, Head of Strategic Project Management
“I feel like I should have gotten it earlier. There’s a lot of fraud in (credit card) processing. It was a great marriage to include Amazon Pay because of the low amount of fraud. It’s a great way to pay. It’s very simple. Ease of checkout has been awesome.”

- Jeff Gleason, Sales Director
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