Rothy’s: Turning today’s water bottles into tomorrow’s sustainable and stylish shoes

Rothy’s business proves that style and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. Since 2016, it has been transforming recycled plastic water bottles into beautiful, colorful, comfortable shoes. Rothy’s extends its eco-friendly practices to key components of its shoes, as well as its manufacturing and shipping processes. It uses recyclable, carbon-free rubber for outsoles, bio-based castor oil for insoles, and vegan and non-toxic adhesives. Owning its workshop and every step of the supply chain— from design, to manufacturing, to shipping— Rothy’s brings new shoes to market in just six weeks. Targeting a zero-waste future, Rothy’s 3D knits its shoes to shape and handcrafts each pair to perfection— eliminating material waste in the process. Rothy’s ships shoes to consumers in a single biodegradable box with no outer bag, and offsets all carbon emissions through carbon credits. Overall, Rothy’s has diverted more than 35 million plastic bottles from landfills, creating durable, endlessly wearable shoes in the process.

Business challenge: Seeking solutions to improve the mobile customer experience

Rothy’s sells its shoes through its website. With a growing proportion of its customers purchasing via mobile, the company was seeking ways to improve the customer’s experience through that channel. It sought to offer alternative payment options to achieve this goal. It quickly found that Amazon Pay was not only a leading participant in this space but also a trusted brand. Rothy’s decided to offer Amazon Pay as a payment option, allowing its customers to use their familiar Amazon login credentials, and the payment information stored in their Amazon account, to quickly and safely purchase shoes of their choice from its website. Amazon Pay’s availability on Shopify (Rothy’s e-commerce platform) made the integration seamless.

Mobile is generally a preferred channel for our customers and we are constantly looking to improve our customer experience. Amazon Pay speaks well to mobile users because it reduces the number of form fields but at the same time also has the trust of Amazon behind it. Amazon is a company where consumers’ payment information has been stored for a long time. They trust where it is and they see no risk.

 – Kate MacCabe, Director, Product Management, Rothy’s

Business impact: Higher rate of mobile orders, higher average order value, access to Amazon innovation

Amazon Pay’s introduction has helped Rothy’s meet its primary business goal of improving its customers’ mobile experience. Customers using their Amazon credentials avoid typing too many inputs in the mobile checkout flow. According to Rothy’s, Amazon Pay has resulted in 44% more mobile orders than traditional credit cards at a time when mobile contributes 75% of Rothy’s traffic. Rothy’s customers have welcomed the availability of Amazon Pay as a payment option, evidenced by a seven percent greater growth in Amazon Pay orders when compared to Rothy’s overall transaction growth year over year. Rothy’s also reports that Amazon Pay orders have the highest order value when compared to all other payment options on its website. It attributes this to the trust, that Amazon Pay evokes among its customers, at a time when data security and privacy are a household topic.

Orders through Amazon Pay have the highest average order value across any other payment method we offer.

– Kate MacCabe, Director, Product Management, Rothy’s

Such is the success Rothy’s has observed with Amazon Pay that it intends to grow this engagement. It is planning to enable voice purchases through Amazon Pay via Alexa enabled devices. Additionally, it plans to enable the Alexa Delivery Notifications skill, which will allow its customers to check the status of their Amazon Pay orders through their Alexa devices by simply asking, “Where is my order?”

We appreciate the support of the entire Amazon Pay team as they have helped us proactively identify ways to improve customer experience. The Alexa skills feature is a great example of them looking up and out and helping us open up different avenues through which our customers can interact with our brand. In an increasingly connected world where our customers seek a seamless experience across channels and devices, we see it as a huge perk that we are able to innovate with Alexa through Amazon Pay. 

– Kate MacCabe, Director, Product Management, Rothy’s

Both Amazon Pay and Rothy’s are driven by a never-ceasing drive to improve customer experience. Bring those two forces together, and the only direction is up.

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