Notable insights from the Amazon Pay blog in 2020

We’re celebrating our second blogiversary by sharing these stand-out narratives and insights from the past year.

Two years ago to the day we started Amazon Pay’s blog to share customer stories and powerful insights about ecommerce, offering inspiration and tactics in these ever-changing times. For our second blogiversary, we’re revisiting some of the stories that resonated with you the most, including informative and uplifting posts about navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, insights into the consumer shift toward digital and touchless experiences — and tactics for small businesses hoping to make the shift to digital commerce. Here’s the best of our 2020 coverage:

Navigating the pandemic of 2020

How Amazon Pay employees are staying healthy and connected

Amazon Pay employees share stories of how they gracefully met the challenges of self-quarantine, and offer inspiration on how to stay healthy and productive — including making time to bake delicious lemon madeleines — while balancing kids, work, and cabin fever.

Amazon Pay merchants give back during the COVID-19 crisis

From manufacturing face masks to donating hospital beds, Amazon Pay merchants went above and beyond in their response to the COVID-19 crisis. Learn how top brands and businesses like Allbirds, FIGS, and Brooklyn Bedding, among many others, took immediate action to support relief efforts.

Help those affected by COVID-19

Donating to your favorite charities is now easier than ever when you use Alexa and Amazon Pay. Here’s a list of organizations that need your help with COVID-19 relief, including Feeding America, Save the Children, the Seattle Foundation, and American Red Cross.

A health company helping to stop the spread of the coronavirus

Vitagene, a health-tech company known for their DNA kits, quickly pivoted during the pandemic and put their resources behind stopping the spread of the coronavirus, developing the first FDA-authorized at-home COVID-19 test kit.

Possible with Pay: Staying healthy at home

To help people self-quarantining meet the new challenges of working from home, we put together a list of products from Amazon Pay merchants to improve at-home routines — with everything from exercise gear to skincare products to support healthy mental and physical habits.

Shifting to touchless and digital commerce

Welcome to the third era in connected commerce

With cloud-based voice services, ecommerce, and mcommerce, today’s shoppers can buy whatever they want, whenever, wherever, and however they want. We dove into the art of doing business in a connected world in this five-part series, sharing customer insights from a double-blind survey that Amazon Pay conducted in April, 2019.

A new era in retail has begun

Customers’ quick embrace of digital and touchless experiences during the pandemic has made it clear to businesses that the future of shopping is already here. Patrick Gauthier, the head of Amazon Pay, and Karen Webster, CEO of PYMNTS, came together for a wide-ranging discussion about retail in a post-pandemic world — and the opportunities to reach new customers online as never before.

“Alexa, pay for gas”

The world of touchless experiences is getting even bigger. Now customers with either the Alexa app on their phone or an Alexa-enabled device in their car — like Echo Auto or Alexa Built-in — can ask “Alexa, pay for gas,” and easily fuel up at Exxon and Mobil stations nationwide with just the power of their voice.

Helping small businesses make the shift to digital

5 ways Amazon Pay helps small businesses

Small businesses are always looking for ways to keep shoppers coming back. Here are five reasons why integrating the simple, convenient, and trusted buying experience of Amazon Pay will benefit small businesses, making it easier for hundreds of millions of customers around the globe to quickly check in and check out of digital stores, using the information already stored in their Amazon accounts.

Possible with Pay: 12 ways to support small businesses

As the holidays are approaching, now is a great time to support a few of the small businesses and growing brands that joined the Amazon Pay family this year. From smart chessboards to shampoo bars to sofas to sunhats, these unique products are sure to delight.

Making digital shopping easier

As businesses have continued to try to meet the customer demand for digital and touchless experiences by shifting online, many have found that implementing Amazon Pay has made it easier for hundreds of millions of Amazon shoppers to use their digital stores. If you’d like to understand more about Amazon Pay, check out our post that answers the most common questions about Amazon Pay — and to learn more about pricing, check out our post about the value a digital payment can bring to your online business.