Notable insights from 2019

To cap off our blogiversary, Amazon Pay employees share some of their favorite posts from the past year.

Women, Voice, connected commerce, and our customers, were some of the most popular articles on the blog in 2019 according to our peers.

A year ago today we launched Amazon Pay’s blog, publishing more than 200 articles in the US alone. To celebrate all of the moments, customer stories, launches, and insights we’ve shared, a few employees highlighted some of the articles that resonated with them the most. Here are a few of the notable articles from 2019:

Ways companies can support progress towards gender parity

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Moira Tamayo shares her experience in the workplace along with some thoughtful advice on bringing equality to your office.

“I love that we carved out time in our editorial and social strategy to celebrate International Women’s Day and that the gender equality discussion is top of mind here at Amazon Pay. I’ll also like the actionable advice inside – useful for every day of the year!” Erin Peralta, Head of Brand and Content

Code Commerce 2019: The rise of the female entrepreneur

From CEOs to founders to innovators to VPs, the all-star line-up wasn’t just one of the most interesting topics of conversation – it was the important one.

“My team cares about the important things. That’s what this article says to me. The female executives that I talk to can relate to the pioneers in this story and it’s gratifying to share it with them.” Lynette Lierman, Enterprise Account Executive

Witness the evolution of connected commerce

Want to understand the future of shopping? First, we have to look at its history.

“I can use this very easily from a selling perspective to help merchants understand the value in launching a skill. This piece connects all the dots and including visuals vs. just text.” Kelly Fuscaldo, Merchant Success Manager

Common questions about Amazon Pay, Alexa and voice shopping

Kris Zanuldin answers more of your burning questions about building a commerce based skill with Amazon Pay and Alexa.

“As we enables merchants to pioneer in the space of voice commerce, there are a lot myths posing as barriers for merchants to get started. I find this blog extremely insightful, giving merchants direction to get started with voice, and not just with payments through voice.”Mel Tuazon, Product Marketing Manager

“One of my favorite moments during 2019 was hosting the June 10in20 webinar with Kris Zanuldin. This voice commerce themed webinar received high engagement and many interesting questions. Although we ran out of time to answer all of the questions in the webinar, this blog brought all of the audience’s questions to life! #customerobsession” – Ashley Rendall, US Marketing Specialist

How Amazon Pay addresses what consumers seek in a payment service

An inside look at what digital payments benefits are important to customers shopping online.

“I’m a huge fan of Sanjeev’s posts, period. But I especially appreciate this piece because we get insight into what the customer (shopper) wants in a checkout experience which then validates for our merchants why Amazon Pay is the right choice.” Erin Peralta, Head of Brand and Content

Red Nose Day: Making it easy to make a difference

Use your voice to help end child poverty by asking “Alexa, make a donation to Red Nose Day.”

“Amazon Pay helped make a positive difference for children in poverty (we increased donations 143% vs. YA)! Can’t wait to see where we take donations in 2020.” Katie Back, Consumer Marketing

Curated gift ideas for trendsetters or beauty enthusiasts

Watch these gift reviews and check our wish list recommendations for chic styles and pore perfection.

“I love all of the programs we have rolled out this year to better connect our buyers and merchants, driving value for both of our customers. I’m super impressed with the creativity and work that went into the holiday gift guide in particular.” – Ashley Chamberlain, Business Development Executive

Success story: Rothy’s

Amazon Pay helps Rothy’s improve its customer experience

“I love hearing how our merchants are finding success. Rothy’s is really an inspiration when it comes to their sustainable practices and never ending drive to improve their customer experience.”Kris Orlowski, Content Strategist

How a crocodile keeps its bite

Lacoste might be 86 years old, but they’re innovating like upstarts.

“I love our customer stories because they are digestible bites of content that relate directly to the pain points we discuss with merchants every day. The informality and tone of the content makes it feel authentic, and inspires the reader to take action.” – Mal Beck, Sr. Marketing Manager

Office Life: Dogs of Amazon Pay

Want to work at Amazon Pay? The first requirement – you must love dogs.

“I love getting to see and share our company culture here at Amazon Pay. I feel very grateful to get to work in an office full of doggie friends and the blog really brings our Amazon Pay family to life.”Ashley Rendall, US Marketing Specialist

Possible with Pay: 9 ways to celebrate earth day with your Amazon account

A collection of Amazon Pay employees’ personal favorite sustainable products and recommendations honoring Earth Day.

“I liked how this post is about using your Amazon Account with a broad range of products and brands ---not just one category.” Kelly Fuscaldo, Merchant Success Manager

Amazon Pay extends Delivery Notifications to Out for Delivery for merchants

Find out how you can enable voice-based delivery notifications to let your customers know when an order is on its way.

“One of my favorite milestones during 2019 was the launch of delivery notifications for Amazon Pay merchants. Nothing says innovation like allowing customers to check on the status of there order, from their Alexa enabled device – in their car, at home, or from their phone on the go. It’s one thing to be a part of innovation, another to seeing our merchants’ innovations come to life for customers through functionality like voice-based delivery notifications.” – Kris Orlowski, Content Strategist