Meet the cats of Amazon Pay

We’re not kitten around: These cute pics of our company’s cats are guaranteed to brighten your day.

Here at Amazon Pay, we strive to create a culture that makes our Amazon family feel at home, and that goes for our furry friends, too. As many of you know, Amazon is a canine-friendly campus, with both dogs and the people who love them benefitting from our bring-your-dog to work policy, whether in the office or working from home.

Now it’s time to turn the spotlight on the feline members of our team. You might have seen them darting in the background of a video call, hiding on their favorite shelf in our home office, or even resting on our keyboards. For us cat lovers, one of the perks of working from home is that our cats finally get to come to work, too — and although they may not be the hardest workers, it’s clear that they’re an essential part of what keeps Amazon Pay ticking. Take a break from your busy day to fancy some of our favorite cat coworkers.