Alexa Donations with Amazon Pay: Attacking cancer on all fronts

How one organization is helping to lead the fight against cancer in a country where there are millions of new cancers cases every year.

Cancer affects all of us in one way or another. The numbers are simply staggering. It is estimated that about 1.7 million new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the US in 2018, leading to more than 600,000 deaths.i

But here’s the good news: Though research and clinical studies, we’re on the road to beating cancer. From 1991 to 2015, the death rate from cancer dropped 26% in the US. From 2006 to 2015, the death rate for all cancers combined decreased by about 1.5% in both males and females.ii

Cancer affects everyone. The American Cancer Society wants to change that.

The American Cancer Society, founded in 1913 by 10 doctors and 5 laypeople in New York City, was originally named the American Society for the Control of Cancer (ASCC). A hundred years ago, a cancer diagnosis meant near certain death. Doctors sometimes did not even tell their patients they had cancer, and patients often did not reveal their diagnosis to friends and family.

Over the last century, the American Cancer Society has brought cancer to light, funding research and focusing on advocacy. The Society contributed to the passage of the National Cancer Act in 1971 which granted special funds and authority to expand the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and revolutionized the war on cancer. Since 1946, the American Cancer Society has invested more than $4 billion in research, recognizing and providing the funding that 47 researchers needed to get started and go on to win the Nobel Prize.iii

On top of research and advocacy, the Society helps cancer patients learn about the disease, provides support, and even offers free rides to medical facilities or a free place to stay when treatment is far from home.

To help fight cancer, simply ask Alexa to

make a donation to the American Cancer Society.

Now, it’s easier than ever to give to the American Cancer Society using Alexa Donations. People who already use Alexa-enabled devices can make charitable contributions with just their voice. The donations are made via Amazon Pay using the credentials already stored in the donors’ Amazon accounts.

With Alexa Donations, a gift to the American Cancer Society can bring help and hope to cancer patients during this holiday season.

At Amazon, we’re committed to making giving as easy as talking, and we are already working with more than 180 nonprofits to offer Alexa Donations. To learn more about the American Cancer Society, visit their website.

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