What is the Amazon Pay A-to-z Guarantee?

Learn to resolve disputes and handle claims.

When you add the Amazon Pay button to your site, millions of Amazon shoppers will expect the same high-quality customer experience from your site as they get from Amazon.


To help you with this task, our five-part series explains our best practices and top tips on how you too can offer your shoppers a high-quality customer experience. We talked about the value of good customer service and the first steps to take toward achieving it, as well as customer-friendly refund and return policies, and now we will explain the Amazon Pay A-to-z Guarantee.

What the Amazon Pay A-to-z Guarantee means for shoppers

Shoppers have the option of filing an Amazon Pay A-to-z Guarantee claim with Amazon if a merchant is unable (or unwilling) to deal directly with shoppers to resolve purchase issues, and if the claim is covered.

Your shopper’s Amazon Pay A-to-z Guarantee claim is covered when one of the following conditions applies:

  • They did not receive an item.
  • They received the item later than the maximum estimated delivery date provided by you.
  • They received the item, but it was defective, damaged, had missing parts, or was not the item depicted in your description.
  • They returned the item as per their agreement with you, but you did not provide the agreed-upon reimbursement after receiving the item.
  • You are not accepting the return of the item in accordance with the return policy posted on your website.
  • They believe that you charged an amount greater than the amount authorized for the purchase.

View the Amazon Pay A-to-z Guarantee help topic to understand what it means for shoppers.

What the Amazon Pay A-to-z Guarantee means for merchants

If your shopper contacts Amazon Pay customer service with a problem, first we usually ask whether they have contacted you directly to resolve the problem. If your shopper can’t resolve the problem by dealing directly with you, Amazon Pay customer service will sometimes contact you on their behalf. If the dispute is not resolved, shoppers who are not satisfied with their order can file a claim under the Amazon Pay A-to-z Guarantee. You will receive notifications from us in an email — as well as on Seller Central — and you must respond within 7 days with the requested information.

Read the Amazon Pay A-to-z Guarantee for Merchants help topic for details about what is required of you.

We encourage shoppers and merchants to work together to resolve issues. However, if you and your shopper cannot resolve the issue, we will use the information presented to us to settle the Amazon Pay A-to-z Guarantee claim.

Be sure to respond quickly to an Amazon Pay A-to-z Guarantee claim. Keep in mind that performance issues can affect the reserve policy in effect for your account. For details, see Amazon Pay reserve policy.

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