New, improved user interface with consolidated balance summary

Learn how merchants can more easily understand and compare their Amazon Pay performance with a new PDF summary report.

Finding ways to improve financial transparency and reconciliation could be key to the operations of your business. What’s even more important is furthering these improvements to help you gain a better understanding of your Amazon pay business more easily; allowing you to focus on what’s most important to your business and drive monetary results.

In October of last year, Amazon Pay announced a new “Transaction view” on Seller Central. Some key benefits include:

1. Ability to link an aggregate dollar amount to your transactions
2. Consolidated view of all your transactions and fees within a custom date range
3. Customizable, filtered views of transactions based on transaction type

As promised, we’re excited to announce the launch of a consolidated PDF summary report. With this new user interface enhancement, you can:

1. Download a PDF summary report that helps save you time for transaction calculation or balance reconciliations.
2. Gain a snapshot view of all expense fees, such as sales, chargebacks, Amazon Pay A-to-z Guarantee claims and refunds.
3. View custom date ranges and compare previous performance.

This new experience allows you to assess your Amazon Pay business at a glance and reduce the time it takes for you to manually calculate your financial balance.

Why are we launching with this new consolidated view?

We continue to hear from our merchants that there is an opportunity to improve Amazon Pay’s financial reporting experience. In order to address this concern, we are striving to develop tools that provide a self-service experience for all Amazon Pay merchants.

How can I view this new report?

1. Log into your Seller Central account and under Reports, click Payments.


2. Under Payments, you will click on Date Range Reports.


3. From there, click Generate Report and you will be given two options: Summary or Transactions. Choose Summary.


4. Select your reporting range and your reporting job is added. Click download once completed to see your consolidated summary.


What are the other future improvements we will be making to financial reporting?

While our releases are still being finalized, we are investing further effort into improving financial reporting and exploring ways you can receive reporting directly from us via an API or the ability to integrate our reporting into other accounting systems. Please stay tuned on the upcoming launches.

To learn more about our reporting functionality, visit our help guide.