How Amazon Pay is more than just a secure payments service

Amazon Pay merchants can benefit from Amazon’s sophisticated checkout technology. Here are three ways we help secure and maintain healthy relationships between your business and your customers.

Robust fraud prevention

Amazon Pay is backed by the fraud protection technology used on, so you can feel safe and secure while your customers are shopping at your store. Additionally, with Amazon Pay, you can choose to process authorizations asynchronously to give our fraud models more time to analyze transactions. Processing authorizations asynchronously can lead to lower decline rates for high-risk transactions without increasing the probability of fraudulent purchases.

Payment Protection Policy (PPP)

The Payment Protection Policy (PPP) may protect you from chargebacks, or “charge disputes,” if your business and transactions meet all of the requirements of the policy. For transactions to potentially qualify, they must be for the sale of a physical good and the chargeback must be labeled as an Unauthorized Payment. If we find that the transaction qualifies, Amazon Pay will cover the chargeback if you provide the following information to Amazon Pay within 11 calendar days of notification in accordance with our policy: proof of delivery, shipment date, shipping address, tracking number (if applicable), and whether the product sold was a physical or intangible good. Other supporting information may be required. Note that the shipping address must match the address provided by Amazon Pay so the customer shouldn’t be allowed to modify the address during checkout; otherwise, the chargeback will not be covered by the Payment Protection Policy.

Learn more about the PPP by visiting our Chargeback FAQs.

Amazon Pay A-to-Z Guarantee

A buyer can file an Amazon Pay A-to-Z Guarantee claim if they are not satisfied with their purchase. Over the years, Amazon has built a base of millions of satisfied customers by being responsive to their concerns and acting quickly to resolve these concerns. We extend this valuable customer trust to merchants like you who are using Amazon Pay services through the Amazon Pay A-to-Z Guarantee program. The Amazon Pay A-to-Z Guarantee provides customers with an opportunity to obtain a full reimbursement for their purchase or cancel their authorized payment if they are not satisfied with a purchase made on a third-party site using Amazon Pay.

The vast majority of customers will never need this program, but for those who do, the guarantee gives us a chance to provide confidence and trust when they shop from the universe of merchants who use our service.

You can learn more by visiting Amazon Pay A-to-Z Guarantee for Merchants.