Get started with Seller Central

Use Seller Central to manage your reporting and transactions to gain a deeper understanding of your Amazon Pay transactions.

While you can manage customer orders through your own custom order management system or solution provider, Amazon Pay offers Seller Central as your go-to platform for managing your Amazon Pay account. This video gives you an overview of your Amazon Pay merchant account in Seller Central and its core functions.

Seller Central overview

After logging in to Seller Central, make sure that you’re in Amazon Pay production view, where you can see your live transactions, reports, and account balance. To check that you’re in production view, in the center of the menu at the top of the page click the drop-down box and choose production view.

The main tabs you see in Seller Central are Orders, Integration, Reports, and Performance. Let’s go over the function of each of these tabs.

Managing orders

To view a list of all payments made by customers using Amazon Pay on your website, in Orders, choose Manage Transactions. On the Manage Transactions page you can see all the orders from those customers, along with the details, like:

  • Date/time
  • Buyer Name
  • Total Charged
  • Amazon Reference ID
  • Seller Order ID
  • Payment Status

On any given order, you also can

  • Refund
  • collect payment
  • close payment
  • contact the customer

If you’re looking for a specific transaction, you can sort transactions by date range or by payment status. If you’re looking for a specific order, you can search by Amazon Reference ID or by the customer’s email address.


The Integration page is where you can get information on how to do a custom integration, use the Amazon Pay button generator, and get your MWS keys. These keys are critical to your implementation and should be treated as extremely.confidential. Do not share these keys with anyone that you do not trust.


On the Reports page, reviewthe transactions that make up your account balance, check when you get paid, and see your past bank account disbursements. We offer three types of reports:

  • Settlement reports provide a detailed breakdown of your merchant account activity for a given settlement period and the funds disbursed to you. You can use this report to support your reconciliation processes. For information about downloading and reading your settlement report, see Settlement reports.
  • Transaction reports list the Amazon objects (Order Reference, Authorization, Capture, Refund) that were either created or updated because of a state change during the reporting period. You can use transaction reports to synchronize the status of payment objects with your system or analyze refund rates, authorization declines, and so forth. For information about downloading or reading your transaction report, see Obtaining transaction and settlement reports on Seller Central.
  • Tax document library includes form 1099-K for your account as long as your account had at least $20,000 in unadjusted gross sales and 200 or more transactions in a calendar year.


In Performance, you can review your customers’ satisfaction, A-to-z Guarantee and chargeback claims, and important performance notifications.

Other important features

At the upper right are your Search bar, customer messages, and Help section. You can look for helpful articles using the search bar, click help, or contact Merchant Support with your questions.

Finally, click Settings to access your account info, change your notification preferences, view login settings, and add user permissions.

On the left and right section of your Seller Central homepage, collapsible widgets contain important account information like payment summary, performance metrics, and case logs.

To learn more about Seller Central, see Using Seller Central with Amazon Pay.