Customer service best practices checklist

Follow these Amazon insider tips to step up your customer service.

When you add the Amazon Pay button to your site, millions of Amazon shoppers will expect the same high-quality customer experience from your site as they get from Amazon.

To help you with this task, our five-part series explains our best practices and top tips on how you too can offer your shoppers a high-quality customer experience. We talked about the value of good customer service and the first steps to take toward achieving it, customer-friendly refund and return policies, the Amazon Pay A-to-z Guarantee, and addressing chargebacks. Finally, here’s our checklist for customer service best practices.

Customer service best practices checklist


  1. Update your Customer Service contact information in Seller Central.

Reminder: This crucial information will be displayed in the Amazon Pay Customer account, as well as the transactional emails your shoppers will receive. To learn how to update your details in Seller Central, please follow the steps described in this video.

  1. Update your claims’ notification preferences in Seller Central.
  2. Make sure to have a process in place for handling chargeback claims and Amazon Pay A-to-z Guarantee claims.
  3. Regularly check the shopper/merchant messaging system in Seller Central and the email account you have entered in notification preferences, to monitor for any shopper communications.
  4. Verify that you have updated information on your website on how to return items and obtain refunds.
  5. Ensure that your shoppers can easily find contact information on your website.
  6. Develop a process for collecting and storing order details (including delivery details like tracking numbers, delivery dates, etc.), so if a dispute occurs, you’ll be able to provide precise information about processing and handling the order.
  7. Create a matrix that helps to make appropriate decisions when a shopper has a problem with an order. For example, determine your monetary cutoff points: for any order under $XX.XX, you will immediately refund an unhappy shopper, but for any order more than $XX.XX, you will require additional steps.

If you have any questions, please contact us or your account manager. We will be happy to assist.