5 answers to customer service challenges

Leverage Amazon customer service best practices to improve your shopper experience and increase sales.

When you add the Amazon Pay button to your site, millions of Amazon shoppers will expect the same high-quality customer experience from your site as they get from Amazon.

To help you with this task, our five-part series explains our best practices and top tips on how you too can offer your shoppers a high-quality customer experience. You will learn:

  1. The value of good customer service
  2. How to handle returns and refunds
  3. What is the Amazon Pay A-to-z Guarantee
  4. How to deal with chargebacks
  5. Customer service best practices checklist

The value of good customer service


Good customer service is essential for keeping your shoppers satisfied, helping retain them, and building trust in your brand. A high-quality retail experience can lead to happier shoppers and can boost your revenue by reducing transaction disputes.

If, on the other hand, your shopper is unhappy, or it’s too difficult for them to resolve a problem, they may file a dispute. A dispute can escalate to a chargeback, and then, the potential cost of resolution — and for your business — increases.

That’s why your shoppers need a clear and easy way to contact you if they need help.

At a minimum, you should have a Contact Us link and a Help link at either the top or bottom of every page on your site.

You should also consider listing your customer service phone number, email address, or chat link on every page.


In addition, your site should have an easy-to-find section with the following links:

Lastly, make sure you have updated your Customer Service details in Seller Central. This crucial information will be displayed in the Amazon Pay Customer account, as well as the transactional emails your shoppers will receive.

To learn how to update your details in Seller Central, please follow the steps described in this video.

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