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Join more than 20 million US customers in using Shop with Points, a seamless part of the Amazon.com shopping experience you know. The Shop with Points program is now available in even more places with Amazon Pay when you shop in online stores at participating merchants. You can now use the rewards from your Amazon Store Card with Amazon Pay1. Amazon Pay automatically alerts you when your credit card has points available, and you can use them to shop beyond Amazon.com. Just look for the Amazon Pay button at checkout and select your Amazon Store Card rewards points as your payment method to pay for your purchase.
Simply choose to apply your rewards points at checkout.
Adjust the number of points you want to use.
Apply your rewards points at checkout under “Payment Method”.
The perfect pairing
How to redeem your Amazon Store Card rewards with Amazon Pay
01: Shop
Shop beyond Amazon.com and pay with your rewards points at your favorite online stores that accept Amazon Pay. Amazon Pay purchases with your Prime Store Card are not eligible to earn rewards.
02: Check out with Amazon Pay
Select Amazon Pay at checkout and log in with your Amazon account. If it isn’t already set as your default card, select your Amazon Store Card from your wallet.
03: Choose your Amazon Store Card Rewards
Select your Amazon Store Card rewards points as your payment method. You can use available rewards points to cover your purchase. If you don’t have enough rewards points, pay the remaining balance with your Amazon Store Card or Prime Store Card. Taxes and shipping applied after checking out with Amazon Pay can’t be covered with points.
04: Complete your purchase
Review and place your order. The rewards points used are converted to dollars and deducted from your checkout total in the “Order Summary” box.
Better together
Shop with confidence
Beyond the flexible financing option you get as an Amazon Store cardholder, you’ll also enjoy the fast and familiar convenience of Amazon Pay. Checking out with Amazon Pay means your payment and shipping information remains securely stored, with no extra forms to fill out or additional accounts to create, and your purchases are protected by Amazon Pay’s A-to-z Guarantee. And wherever you use your Amazon Store Card, you are protected from any unauthorized charges with zero fraud liability2.
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Frequently asked questions

Do purchases made using my Amazon Store Card or Prime Store Card earn rewards on Amazon Pay?

No, at this time Amazon Pay purchases made on your Amazon Store Card or Prime Store Card are not eligible to earn rewards.

What can I redeem the rewards points earned with my Amazon Store Card for?

You can redeem your rewards points for millions of eligible products at participating merchant sites. Shop with points is available for eligible products on participating merchant sites. You will see “Shop with Points” as an option at checkout if your purchase is eligible.

I have downgraded from the Prime Store Card to the Amazon Store Card; can I still redeem my earned rewards points?

Yes, you can redeem your existing rewards points towards eligible purchases. A Prime Store Card with an eligible Prime Membership is needed to earn rewards points, but is not needed to redeem. Please note, purchases made through Amazon Pay with your Amazon Store Card are not eligible to earn rewards.

What is the conversion rate for redeeming my Amazon Store Card rewards points with Amazon Pay?

Every 1 Amazon Store Card reward point is equal to $1.

I don’t have enough rewards points for my total purchase. How can I pay for the rest of my purchase?

You may use your Prime Store Card or Amazon Store Card to pay for the rest of your purchase. Purchases made through Amazon Pay with your Amazon Store Card are not eligible to earn rewards.

Is there a minimum amount of rewards points I need to redeem to shop with Amazon Pay?

When redeeming Amazon Store Card rewards points towards eligible purchases using Amazon Pay, you can use anywhere from 0.01 points to the entire available rewards points balance.

Can I combine rewards points from multiple reward programs for my order?

Rewards points from multiple rewards programs currently can’t be combined. You may register multiple rewards programs at Amazon.com; however, purchases made using rewards points will be paired with the Card associated with the rewards program.

1Purchases made through Amazon Pay with your Amazon Store Card or Prime Store Card are not eligible to earn rewards, but you can apply your rewards points to purchases at checkout on participating merchant sites.

2Zero Fraud Liability. You will not be held liable in the event of unauthorized use. You agree that unauthorized use does not include use by a person to whom you have given authority to use your Store Card, as the case may be, and that you will be liable for all use by such a person.

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