Office Life: Dogs of Amazon Pay

There are many perks to working at Amazon, but one of our favorites is the ability to bring your dog to work in the Seattle offices. At the Amazon's North American Headquarters, there is a strong contingent of passionate dog lovers. In fact, thousands of people are registered to the internal group the "Woof Pack", there is a monthly “Dogs at Work” newsletter, and a well-attended doggy farmers market that happens regularly throughout the year. 

There are over 6,000 dogs registered to come to work with Amazonians in Seattle, with 500 coming in on any given day.

Most of the buildings throughout the K-9 friendly campus go out of their way to make dogs, and their owners, feel at home. Reception desks in every office building have a bucket of dog treats, there are always dog relief areas nearby, and even some offices have dog-friendly water fountains. On the 17th floor of Doppler, there’s a doggie deck that comes equipped with the classic fake fire hydrant.

In the halls of Amazon Pay, there is no shortage of dog lovers. The old saying "dogs are a (hu)man's best friend" rings true around every corner. To celebrate our furry friends, we've gathered a few pictures to show how our pups in action (or inaction), make coming to work not so ruff -- see what we did there?












Ada (left) and Euler (right)





Fun fact, in August 2017, the three most popular dog breeds at Amazon were Golden Retrievers, Labrador retrievers, and Labradoodles. The top three names are Lucy, Bella, and Charlie.

If you are overwhelmed by their cuteness, and looking for more Amazon puppy pictures to brighten your day, checkout this video:

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