Toner Buzz

Toner Buzz unlocks increased sales and customer satisfaction with Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay’s fraud detection saved Toner Buzz 755 person-hours since implementation.

Low prices on genuine printing supplies + superlative customer experience

Brothers Max and Sam founded Toner Buzz in 2008 on the belief that people pay too much to power their printers. They developed an online store to supply genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) ink and toner at a fraction of the price of other online suppliers and brick-and-mortar retailers. Since then, Toner Buzz has grown to meet the ever-changing demands of the printing industry.

Toner Buzz differentiates itself not only on low prices but also on customer satisfaction. It is a one-stop shop for ink, toner, and printing supplies and offers free shipping within 24 hours. On top of that, Toner Buzz representatives call customers after every order to check-in on their experience. No surprise that Toner Buzz has a full-throated endorsement from customers as evidenced by positive online reviews.


Seeking solutions to attract new customers

Toner Buzz sells printing supplies to both consumers and businesses. Business customers such as government agencies, schools, and companies have seasonal demand. Toner Buzz sought to drive consumer sales during periods when their business customers have an ebb in demand. It typically attracted consumers through online advertising but Toner Buzz was seeking newer solutions. This search led them to consider Amazon Pay. That quickly turned into a natural association as customer obsession is at the core of both the companies. Launching Amazon Pay was a breeze. In October 2018, Toner Buzz offered Amazon Pay as an option to its customers. Customers could now use their trusted Amazon login and the payment information stored in their Amazon accounts to purchase all their printing supplies. They did not have to create an account or type in their payment information.


Higher AOV (average order value) customers, repeat customers, fewer refunds, less fraud

Toner Buzz’s growth in orders through Amazon Pay have increased from October 2018 to April 2019. That growth is lockstep with the increase in Amazon Pay’s share of transactions from 4% to 17%.

According to Toner Buzz, not only has Amazon Pay driven newer customers to the Toner Buzz store, more importantly, it has driven those who spend more. The story only gets better from there because these customers keep coming back to purchase more printing supplies. The number of repeat customers have tripled since the introduction of Amazon Pay.

Our Amazon Pay orders have the highest Average Order Value across any other payment method we offer. – Grovert Fuentes, Marketing Manager

Additionally, Toner Buzz reports that Amazon Pay purchases are more reliable with fewer chances of returns/refunds and fraud. Despite the growing number of customers who use Amazon Pay, Toner Buzz did not experience even a single return/refund in April 2019.

Toner Buzz used to spend 10-20 minutes vetting every ‘high cost’ order before fulfilment. With Amazon Pay transactions, that number is between 0-5 minutes because of Toner Buzz’s implicit trust in the reliability of the customer and on Amazon Pay’s fraud detection capabilities. Amazon Pay has cumulatively saved Toner Buzz 755 person-hours since its introduction as a payment option.

We have confidence in Amazon Pay transactions when they come in. – Atila Mevmedovski, Manager

Overall, Amazon Pay has made it easier for Toner Buzz customers to purchase from their preferred online store for printing supplies. In the process, it has helped Toner Buzz grow its business and has become an integral part of its future growth strategy.

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