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ShirtStop’s one-click Amazon Pay integration on Shopify

ShirtStop is an online and brick-and-mortar retailer specializing in kids clothing. Founded in 2011 by Mindy Lang, the business has grown from a home-based operation to two retail stores, a warehouse, and a thriving ecommerce website that accounts for over 60% of sales.

Avi Lang, co-owner and developer at ShirtStop, made the decision to integrate Amazon Pay several years ago when it first became available on their Magento platform. “We’re heavy online shoppers ourselves, so we understand what customers want in the checkout experience,” said Lang. “Offering Amazon Pay provided a trusted payment option that customers were already familiar with.”

Implementing Amazon Pay on Shopify in just a few clicks

While the initial Magento integration was more complex, Lang found the process of enabling Amazon Pay on Shopify to be extremely simple - just a single checkbox. “With Shopify Payments handling all the processing, it’s no more difficult than accepting any other credit card. It gives our customers another convenient option at no extra cost to us.”

Since launching on Shopify, Lang has seen Amazon Pay’s cart share hold steady at around 15-16% of orders. “Customers trust major payment methods like Amazon Pay. Shopify made it seamless for us to add that trusted experience,” said Lang. “I don’t know why any seller wouldn’t want to offer it.”

“The Amazon Pay integration with Shopify is very smooth,” said Lang. “Based on our experience, I’d absolutely recommend it to other merchants.”

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