Overnight Prints on Amazon Pay

Overnight Prints embraces Amazon Pay for seamless, secure online ordering

Overnight Prints is looking out for both the customer and the planet, innovating in its industry with green practices and high-quality production.

Today’s consumers are always looking for faster, less-expensive, more-convenient options, whether they’re shopping for laptops or lunch. For those in need of a custom brochure, updated business cards, or wedding invitations, on-demand web printing has become a go-to solution, offering custom jobs done quickly and cost-effectively.

As one of the largest companies in the web-based print business in the United States and Europe, Overnight Prints has become renowned for its broad and competitive selection of products and services, as well as its forward-thinking business acumen. The Las Vegas-based company’s web store features everything from greeting cards to marketing materials to car door magnets to custom baked goods (yes, you can get your picture on a cookie). It also ensures next-day delivery for the majority of its orders.

Beyond its unique inventory and customer obsession, Overnight Prints has also become a leader in the industry by engaging in eco-friendly production, addressing international concerns that printing is an unnecessary drain on natural resources. The paper used by the company is composed of 100% post-consumer recycled fiber—Green Seal Certified, free of processed chlorine, and produced from trees harvested under the Sustainable Green Initiative. Their printers also use exclusively waterless ink, which reduces emissions and metal oxidation, cutting out toxic chemicals and water waste entirely.

Overnight Prints’ expansive creative vision has also inspired them to expand their business beyond printing. The company now provides design, marketing, and mailing services to smaller companies looking to upgrade to a more professional aesthetic and broaden their business’ reach. Apart from paid services, Overnight Prints’ blog and resource center feature detailed articles with valuable tips about design and print marketing strategies.

The company’s contributions to the print industry and commitment to superior customer service have not gone unnoticed with its clientele. The company won the SiteJabber Customer Choice Award in 2018. Today, their customer reviews show they’re rated at 4 or 5 stars by 93% of their customers, with an overall average of 4.7 stars.

Now, Overnight Prints is taking a new step toward making their customers’ experiences even more intuitive, streamlined, and secure. In December of last year, the company announced that they would offer Amazon Pay as a checkout option on their web store. In a statement, Overnight Prints’ marketing director Janell Awong explained why they chose to partner with Amazon Pay.

“Customers can now use the payment and shipping information stored within their Amazon accounts to shop securely on our site, reducing friction points,” she wrote. “The brand recognition combined with the ease of integration make Amazon Pay a clear choice for Overnight Prints.”

You can explore Overnight Prints’ wide selection of print-related products, services, and cookies at their website.

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